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Lupe Fiasco x Sway - Monster Freestyle

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Busy's picture
on February 21, 2011

Everybody knows i'm a muthaf*ckin monster!


fonso's picture

yo lupe killed on that my favorite part was wen he brought up graffiti i gota give it to sway too it was a lil rough in the beginning but he picked it up and still killed it on that free style
Akday's picture

Lupe at his best. Sway=Dope!
DJ_Q's picture

Both of em killed it! :D
zelmar's picture

I love how this proves that Lupe doesn't use auto-tune at all :)
xkyledubx's picture

Gosh dang Lupe killed the track
kaka702's picture

whats the name of the song when the video starts? does anyone know?
samsonson's picture


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