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Lupe Fiasco Teaches Teens To Rap At NYC Event

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on October 09, 2010



F.N.F King's picture

I was in soho close to where this event happened the day it happened..I wish i couldve gone and met lupe. Im happy that my friend josh got me an autograph
ExposingTheWicked's picture

We, The World Society, Obviously Need MORE RAPPERS/MC'S, I Mean It's Really A Benefit For The Mankind To Know How To RAP! Rap Contributed To A Good Culture And Does Not Contribute To The Consumeris, As It Does Not Involve Marketing!! Good JOB ! LUPE BECOME A TEACHER OF 'HOW TO CONTROL A MIC AND ENTERTAIN!' ;'')
Yoshi-Fiasco's picture

Omg you are so modest Lupe. :D

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