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Lupe Fiasco Talks B.o.B & More...

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Busy's picture
on April 15, 2010

No #Lasers talk. Easy folks...


SirStudivant's picture

Is This Song Called Past My Shades The First Song they worked on together?:)
GIMJ's picture

dang always loved B.o.B and i like how Lupe is blowing him up even more. but Lupe stays the most dope for reallll...
SierraLuella_2's picture

Oh the greatness.. I'm at a loss for words..only thing that comes to mind is, "geniuses".. ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? ? xoxo, Sierra Luella
Innerdecadence's picture

They both are phenomenal artists in their own right. I bet they feed off each otha'z energy also. They both are more than music. Transcending in fashion and other arts as well. perfect team really. LUPE PLEASE COME TO LAS VEGAS BROZ WE NEED YOU. SOME REAL MUSIC!!
L-D's picture

LUPE, you gotta come to the UK man, were dying for some steppin laser action over here, please, you got a huge fan base over here and were waiting for you. F.N.F Peace.x
EvolvingSpirit84's picture

I listen to lupe on my way to the dojo to train, to class before an exam or when i just need to hear some truth and connect...his honesty grounds and motivates me. I was so fortunate to finally get to see him perform live in Detroit just a couple days ago. It was one thing to see Lupe but to see both Lupe and B.O.B as well was simply amazing! B.O.B is SO talented I was in awe and his energy was out the roof. Can’t wait for both these albums.
Y.C.'s picture

The are a really good duo and I am just waiting for B.o.B's album. The song with Lupe has to be really good. They are two diffrent people with two diffrent types to rap. That will be a good summer song for me ;)

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