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Lupe Fiasco - "The Show Goes On"

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on October 26, 2010

Buy the high quality mp3 right now! Thanks for your support! FNF UP!!!


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my first thought was damn this pretty freakin raw, then i heard it again and it became one of my favorite songs "DDDDD !!!
paristokyo_3's picture

everyone needs to stop complaining about paying for it. seriously $1.29? most of us spend more than that on crap everyday. start paying for good music and support the artist! if you value the artist than make an investment in them.
dellapotamus's picture

@surrealsociety...he sampled "float on" it's supposed to sound similar
Malik_2's picture

Lupe, the track is superb. I see this song easily becoming one of my favorites.
Scottingram's picture

IM LIKING IT. Whos on the chorous?
JCordray4's picture

I'm kinda digging the sample...great to hear new music, as always.
SurrealSociety's picture

As much as I dig the song, but isn't this beat and chorus a lot like Modest Mouse's "Float On"?
Compo Fiasco 85's picture

He is just too good sometimes.
bulo's picture

when is it gonna be on itunes?
kazhar's picture

sample of float on, huh? not bad
intellectualmusic's picture

Why is it $1.29???????????? Lupe you're not that pooooor!!


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