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Lupe Fiasco - "The Show Goes On"

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on October 26, 2010

Buy the high quality mp3 right now! Thanks for your support! FNF UP!!!


SCHWARTZY's picture

hah and i thought your shit couldnt get any better...this shits fire, but i need some "little weapon" type stuff as well on this new album. CANT WAIT
JCutie's picture

Uh uh.... no Lu..... don't give me a piece I want it all, lol. just kidding. I love the music Lu, can't wait for the rest!!!
BlackPhantom's picture

Incredible Song
BlackMan's picture

this track feels good...its something to listen to while cleaning up the apartment or while ironing my clothes in the morning getting ready for school
rockdustlightstar's picture

i fucking love how he uses the chorus melody from "Float On" by Modest Mouse, it's such a strong, catchy melody. And incorporating other influences outside of hip hop (in this case, rock music) into his own creation, now that's just a smart songwriter.
rastaPavlov94's picture

dope song. lupe is ftw because he promotes mature ideas. i used to like rappers like wayne and drake (and can openly say that i still don't mind them), but once i heard food and liquor in '06, i realized that there's so much scope in hip hop that i had turned a shoulder to. lupe opened my eyes
Quantum's picture

Awesome song lupe keep em coming
son1c_youth's picture

Lasers shouldn't disappoint.
fnf4life's picture

I'm proud to be one of the new members of the Lupe Fiasco website. Normally I'm very busy, but now I've got more time to exercise my love and appreciation for the greatest rapper/hip hop artist of all time (yeah, I said it, let's argue), Lupe Fiasco! Just bought the new single three times, hoping that it will be BIG at whatever charts it lands on. I'm ready to buy for whatever new release comes from Lu, just like any dedicated and loyal fan.
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Everyone is throwing around the term "mainstream" and doesn't know what it really means. Mainstream means that it has been accepted by popular culture and is widely known. If that's the case, WE WANT ARTISTS LIKE LUPE TO BE MAINSTREAM. The reason why "mainstream" has a bad connotation in the past is that record companies either force artists on us, making the radio play Soulja Boy 10x per hour, or an artist will Dumb It Down to reach a wider audience. The day I hear lupe rhyme about Gaza or child soldiers and have it be played constantly as a mainstream recording means that we will have won and the stupid commercial garbage will have lost. Before you call something mainstream, realize what it means. Mainstream isn't a sound, it's a designation. The question is are you going to make sure Lupe is designated mainstream, or some pretty-faced, ghost-written, fake "I'm hard", over produced rapper the record company wants to push? I'd like to propose a toast. (I said toast, motherf*****!) To Lupe! May he make it mainstream without ever Dumbing it Down!
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I've been listening to this song heaps since it was released and I'm not gonna lie but it is perfect follow up for the shit that Lupe has had to go through with his label. Not only the name of the song but the contents and feel of it are damn inspirational and Lupe and his fanbase (all of YOU) have shown that those big label corporations can be taken on and give a positive result
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This is sick, I have this on replay on my ipod can't get enough of Lupe. No need to worry that the whole album will be mainstream though; Just look to what he did with Kanye and Don't Look Down he's gonna mix it up and release the best album that the world has ever heard. FNF UP!
78BigO's picture

this is hot
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Seriously check out America`s Hottest NeoSoul/Pop Experience---> RT Please :-@
oliver_swissFAN's picture

is i'm beaming not in the lasers?
SilentE's picture

What makes the song different is Lupes originality. Asside from truly being the best raper alive right now lyrically, he is able to spit perfection even on a mainstream single. The man is a genius and he has inspired me ever since F&L, just an opinion :)
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A Storm Is Coming by Miccheck… via @HotNewHipHop download my Cd it's almost finish I been real busy in the studio with producing beatz and launching so everyone can have quality beatz for their creativity.
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Asmanis-De Schacht David's picture

You can do anything if Magic made it... 4 seaters
Asmanis-De Schacht David's picture

are you ghostwriter? I'm almost sure
somekidfromno's picture

I think this is a great song, with a great sample from Modest Mouse. It definitely elaborates the ideas in the original "Float On" and overall is very enjoyable. Modest Mouse + Fiasco FTW
Koolayde's picture

Please Do Not Bash Me For MY OPINION!! But honestly the problem I have with the song is that it sounds too generic. If you want to interpret the word generic as "mainstream" go right ahead, but when I heard the beat and the hook I automatically thought, wow this sounds like every other song out right now. There wasn't anything that marked the sound of the song as special or different which is what I have come to expect from Lupe. To me the song sounded cookie cutter and wooden. Even the lyrics were sub-par for Fiasco standards. It isn't enough that Lupe just raps about stuff other than guns and girls and cars, the awesome part about Lu is that he usually does it with so much depth and skill. This sounded *GASP* Dumbed Down! This just sounds forced, like someone presented him with the beat and the hook and he knew that it was what Atlantic was looking for even though it didn't really fit his style of rap. I mean after hearing "Shining down" and "I'm Beaming" this is WEAK compared to them. Those songs both have a distinct sound that is nothing like what's on the radio or what anyone else is doing and I think those could have been huge hits had Atlantic given them a real chance to succeed. Is this song terrible NO! Does it fall in line with the LEVEL of "Daydream" "Kick Push" Superstar" or "Hip Hop Saved My Life"...NO! My only hope is that this song doesn't reflect the rest of the album which I doubt.KEEP THE MUSIC COMING LUPE!!!
RawMatt's picture

I think some of yall r sweatin Fiasco too much, take a sec to step back and reassess this whole discussion. Before I get into it, Yea I'm a FAN OF HIS WORK. What does that mean? It means I'm a fan of his art that he puts out there, the music the videos and his ideas. That doesn't mean I warship him and hold unrealistic expectations he is still a person, he just is a cool creative dude. Definitely one of the best hip hop artist's out. A lot of these musical artists lose their head, yes its their fault but its also the fans as well. After all these artist's are still human and have their flaws, weaknesses and strengths. When you worship these people they can turn to monsters. Their EGOS can swell and their character can be distorted, you want to keep Lupe at his best? Don't just brainlessly follow any project he releases, or force yourself to love a new song. Keep it real, it will only make his work better. Don't freak out because some people don't like it. I think the track is DOPE, I've been waiting for a cat to sample a band like Modest Mouse. Once I heard that intro I knew. Thats real nice. As for the song. I really like it yea it does feel a bit main stream but why is that bad? Michael Jackson the greatest musical artist of our time was main stream. Thriller was like the perfect balance, that is possibly how every artist should strive to be like. Lupe's music can be mainstream and still excellent, mainstream just means more people will hear it. I like the track and I'm sure there will all kinds of good sound coming form this album. I'm expecting big things from Lasers. I look forward to hearing some new LU.
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This song is too legit. A catchy hook still can make a bombass song. Look at Lupe talkin bout Gaza, and you say this shit don't make you think? Damn, yall haters up on his blog talkin bout how you want some deep shit, and you can't even recognize it when it slaps you in the eardrums. Yo listen up one good time for real before ya start criticizin. Lupe gonna change the game, that makes him a GREAT rapper..and yall compainin just 'cause you want someone side-stream to listen to. Bump that, be for real and quit hatin for the hell of it. Do yo thing Lupe, this song kicks the hell outta everything else out right now.
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i think that March 8th 2011 should be known as "All LASERS DAY" or something of that nature (: post a better name idea if you have one
ksylk23's picture

Finally a song that doesn't talk about sex, money, cars, hoes and all that other junk thats playin on the radio. Lupe went in and did his thing on this song. It may not be one of them ones that makes you think but still. You can't deny that this song is legit. Ya digg.
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Love this song; stated before. This song is very inspirational. Cannot wait for Lasers
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see kid fnf sees what im sayin, lil wayne drake nicki minaj all of them suck majorly but lu bob wiz khalifa and currensy are mainstream rappers bringin that new real sh**. sure wiz and currensy rap about weed alot but its different it aint the same lil wayne "i aint a human being" bull crap
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everyone has to chill, and stop hatin'. this is just a single, and strictly a single. lasers is going to be epic, and i assure all of you that every song on it will keep yall thinking and thinking.


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