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Lupe Fiasco rolls up in his Bentley with Jason Walsh

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on December 25, 2009

Lupe Fiasco backs up in the Bentley playfully boasting with Jason Walsh. Visit to virtually climb with the crew on January 7th.


JCutie's picture

Yeah Yeah I'm late on everything b/c it's always a back order on trying to get your mixtape like everywhere that I know on-line, it's crazy but in a good way, & I'm still searching. Love ya Lu and that car, it's you man, lol, deuces!!!
WrathofAres's picture

Nice hair man, lol.
bmroberson's picture

Lupe sorry to hear about those suckers leaking your art work. I'll be buying the album no matter what and making sure all my people do as well even if I have to buy it for them. The mixtape "enemy of the state" was tight. thanks for making another album. really "made from the best stuff on earth like Snapple tea leafs" #1MC of 2010!
nIANja909's picture

That white dude's probably thinking "Holy shit, holy shit, I'm gonna get robbed. How did I end up in the back seat of these two nigga's car?"
M.shelz's picture

man it gets dumb cold up there, yall gone have the real "swag" on, where it originated from right? man just for the record tho , sorry to hear about the leak, i havent heard it , dont want to hear it til the album drop too, wanna hear it, but i can respect what you asked of your fans. paitience.

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