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Lupe Fiasco Freestyle on Toca Tuesdays [Video]

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Busy's picture
on November 02, 2010


SCHWARTZY's picture

Yea straight fire, haha and best part, "shout to wiz khalifa, and my homeboys, but no reefa"
JCutie's picture

This is fiiiirrrreee :-)
LochsMuenster's picture

Hell nah we wont lose that, or pollute...Duke City type General, already knew that dude salute that
masterofdarkhadou's picture

Sick freestyle. Nice shout out to Wiz too.
xkyledubx's picture

Dang Lupe this is hot
Young Genio's picture

haha that was sick he looked a little lost in the beginning but then he got into a flow haha "you can talk all that but you still don't amaze me" lol i love dat
Yesika's picture

? LUPE!! Period. @Keltrick- prayer beads are used in many religions, not just Catholicism...Islam uses them as well :) Although I don't think it's worn as a necklace...
keltrick's picture

Lupe got on a rosary. why when he is muslim? even if he was catholic, rosary s are not meant to be worn(its offensive). Dont follow the trend Lu, set it. Freestyle was nice though.
Jackpot's picture

Bananas!!! Lupe Straight Said "Steal On A Ni**a Like Boosting"
78BigO's picture

lupe fiasco went off
SOXX's picture

dude u gta cum thru 2 South Africa cuzzie, dudes is fiendn man
ParagonX's picture

Please tour South Africa. We felt the World Cup, lol, now we'd like to feel The Cool.
I LOVE LUPE's picture

Laserboi's picture

His lyrics are always heavy !!!
Force's picture

Do everything crazy.... You can talk alot of that, but still don't amaze me!!!
Chillax's picture

Love you man!
MsFiasco'sFlow303's picture

i just teared up a lil. lupe, baby, please come up with more. your freestyles make me happy. thanks :)
Maninderjit's picture

I want to hear something like Absolute Freestyle.

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