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Lupe Fiasco - Freestyle @ The Shrine [Chicago]

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Busy's picture
on November 15, 2010


element of chai's picture

if this doesnt make him the goat i don't know what will. I was listening to his one song earlier today where in the middle he just freestyles in japanese. GOAT
BlackMan's picture

that was cool
nicktaylor03's picture

like the freestyle and love the beats
Capt's picture

that was ass
JCutie's picture

I so heart this dude, :-) and I too have Wasulu bumping all over my IPOD as well.
ROB AND HIPHOP's picture

No wonder this man Wasulu's all over my Ipod. This is greatness.
bryanp1289's picture

no other rapper alive has the balls to do this.. rap to a jazz beat??? LIVE in front of a crowd at his home town?? Wasalu is truly one of the greatest ever
Romell Smothers's picture

This is rightous, i dnt many other artists that can freestyle to Jazz, very fresh Lupe, very
78BigO's picture

he is a monster
HiphopNeesh's picture

just too ill, he flows so smooth in a freestyle.
Tref100's picture

duYour freestyle is better than most rappers regular songs
Garcon's picture

Guy freestyles to freeform jazz. How, fucking, cool.
xfactor's picture

Just Awesome
blackberrry21's picture

Chillax's picture

For Christmas could you give me a little of your talent?

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