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Lupe on Cee Lo's "Talking To Strangers" on Fuse Tonight!

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on June 22, 2011

Catch an exclusive interview & performances from Lupe Fiasco on FuseTV’s Cee Lo Green' "Talking To Strangers" tonight Wednesday 6/22 at 11pm/10C. Don't miss it!


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Lupe hear this if u care about what the hip hop heads be sayin... atlantic fucked u over w.e lasers is done with.. but man y have u not released FOTP?? u know damn well that it was the food and liquor fans that copped those first week albums for u.. now is the time to give the streets those summer bangers like enemy of the state/slr.. not to mention the REAL LASERS like shining down??? damn bruh that 2nd verse still gives me the chills its too bad u had to cave in cuz u did exactly what u said u wouldnt on that track... but all that aside.. food and liquor 2 is ur time to put ur stamp on the title of best lyricist in the game.. start the buzz with the mixtape cuz ur leaving ur real fans in the dark here.. and btw come to toronto we fucks wit lupe just dont play that hip pop outta my head ish lol ... 1
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I like moreeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
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