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Lu Surprises Bobby Ray on Stage!

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Busy's picture
on April 29, 2010


BNeezy's picture

Lupe is truly an awesome person of outstanding character! I love him! Congrats B.o.B.!
LupeFiascology's picture

I"m so happy that I was there to experience this. I know it meant a lot to B.o.B. and it spoke a lot for the kind of person Lupe is.
Christina_3's picture

I was there that night,that was so nice! I love Lupe!!!
shouryuken's picture

man....thats true homie love....lupe = my hero~
N3RD's picture

awww, i was there!! it was sooo sweet!! ohh yea, and im on that video!!
CrossoverDoc's picture

Really gave me chills. What a gesture by Lu, shows how classy those two are. These guys are the future, and All City Chess Club is going to be a great group.
Garcon's picture

That's one helluva gesture, Lupe is so classy, and I love the love he has for Bobby Ray. That is exactly the kind of thing that should happen more often, spread the love, FNF UP.
tigersforlife6767's picture

If Lupe supports him then I support him.
princeofqueenzs's picture

ProfEx's picture

I'm truly proud of these two guys honestly. Its great to see them embrace each other as friends and co-workers I guess you could say lol. True Hip Hop Lives Right Here.
chican06's picture

Ahh... Lupe my favorite artist.. really a moment to remember... I support you Lupe, so I'll support B.o.B... I bought his album, and I must say it sounds really good... keep doing your thing Lupe... FNF UP
Y.C.'s picture

This was so emotional and Lupe showed how much love he has for Mr. Bobby Ray. They both are a duo ... what would make a new style of Hip-Hop. Bobby was so happy and he could not believe this moment. Bobby, you are so good and I hope you will do a album with Lupe and give us fans also this love ;) FNF FOR LIFE :D
ANTiGirl's picture

This moment was beautiful! I was there. B.O.B. was truly surprised that Lupe came on stage during his set. Brilliant show all around at the House of Blues Dallas that night.
Nova_Eclipse's picture

That's awesome, truly awesome what Lu did to celebrate B.o.B's Album release. That's much love right there.

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