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"Lasers" In Stores Now!

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  • "Lasers" In Stores Now!
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    March 08, 2011

    The day has finally arrived! "Lasers" is officially in stores and online TODAY! Make sure you go to your favorite store and pick up your copy or cop it on iTunes or here. Also, Lupe wants to see your picture with your copy of the album, so upload them to the photo section and rep Lasers!

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on March 08, 2011

The day has finally arrived! "Lasers" is officially in stores and online TODAY! Make sure you go to your favorite store and pick up your copy or cop it on iTunes or here. Also, Lupe wants to see your picture with your copy of the album, so upload them to the photo section and rep Lasers!


runfast1995's picture

I loved the album but it seemed much too short compared to the cool and food and liquor they each had like 20 songs so this seemed like a half album to me. also its ironic how lupe disses autotune in shining down but then has this random guy MDMA in three songs all with autotune. i love it all except the autotune the verses are very good maybe some more guest rappers as allhe had were singers but overall it was great
oliver_swissFAN's picture

Does anyone know if/when Lasers drop in Swizerland/Europe? (Physical CD)
bboutelle's picture

scuba steve, i couldnt agree more
SevenTaylor's picture

Congrats Lupe! Ur album is about 2 B # 1!!! Ur fans were dedicated && so determine 2 get this album release. Now it's a sucess. Keep up the good job. Ur fans LOVE you! :) I havent bought an album in yearsss but I had 2 show my support. This album is really good. I listen 2 it constantly & I recommend every1 2 BUY this album. Ur the best @ what u do Lupe! Nobody is touching u! I dont care how popular they are. U r numero uno! Keep doing ur thing! Ur a superstar!
Scuba Steve's picture

This Album is Amazing i cant stop listening to it. Lupe you did amazing on this Album. Clearly my favorite artist. Now I wish the message you speak would get through the mines of the ignorant.
Delesia's picture

Lupe, I loved the album. I know that it was not all that you wanted it to be but your fans hear you loud and clear. As long as you continue to paint poodles, I will continue to support and admire the artist behind the brush strokes! Peace and much love to ya!
leprechaunmafia3's picture

If you haven't received your digital pre-order go to idk if they allow links to be posted in the comments on here but that is the customer support link for the company who is distributing all that stuff. It can be found by clicking on by now for any LASERS product on the right --> then click support on the bottom then go to submit a request at the top of the new page you're brought to and tell them you didn't get your copy yet. They got back to me within about half an hour with a link to my download.
leprechaunmafia3's picture

Really though where is my shit??
TheeMusic's picture

Woot Woot! Lasers!
A.Khan's picture

went and bought it yday now i aint guna lie it isnt as gud as his previous but dats coz of da basatrds at atlantic. but i aint dissapointed coss this is beta den all the other so called rap albums out der!!! alos i knw it is off topic but listening 2 lupes music u get ov sense ov achievemnt dat a fellow muslim brother is doing his best and understands the true meaning ov islam.
Shyloe's picture

ive been waiting for this album to drop since last april when i went to the boston show of the LASERS NOT LOSERS tour... so i pre-ordered it and everything.. and still dont have it. disappointing, but im trying to stay patient. where are the digital pre-orders at???
Chimo89's picture

Lupe I don't know about you man but I have to say I am glad that you have a desire to love people with your music. I have been growing in life and its so awesome to have a rapper in our day in time who understands how powerful love really is. I just wanted to let you know I tend to avoid a lot of music that is so full of hidden destructive messages and it blesses me to hear your music and feel the energy you put into it. It reminds me so much about how much power is in Gods written word, the same breath life that God breathed into Adam is the same breath life he breathed into his living word. When you read his rightly dived word with an honest desire to learn your mind gets healed its a true miracle, and I can only say this because I know it works. So I just wanted to convey and message and say from my heart just like it talks about in I Corinthians 13 how if you do things with charity (love) thats when you reap the benefits and i see a lot of love in your music. So thanks man keep loving people and remember who the true power base in life is.... GOD!
JazzyJ's picture

This is sooo wack! What was the point in a million dollar pre-order if it doesn't come on time?? I could've just paid a measly $10 and had it TODAY! Still loving Lupe but this is some garbage :( .....still waiting and trying to remember 2 smile...
MaddSketcher's picture

best album ever hands down lupe is a Nuclear Bomb on this album keep it up 1st and 15th
Taylor's picture

I'm a disappointed fan!! I feel like I've been duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled... I bought the new Lupe CD with intentions of hearing some of the advertised tracks... (ie Words I Never Said, the Show Goes On and one of my favorites I'm Beaming). I play the entire cd as I do with all my cd's and I don't hear the track I'm Beaming. LUPE I'm a huge fan but I bought the album to hear your as advertised tracks, plus some hot new ones. How do you not put I'm Beaming on the album when that's what's advertised ALL over the web. I've been to all your concerts, Chicago Theatre summer 2009 & LaLaPolooza summer 2010 but I honestly feel like I should get my $$ back after buying this album with no I'm Beaming track. With love and respect -- Taylor
lookitsbelinky's picture

got premium preodrer, but where is it?
Eddie's picture

Yeah, I am having the same problem! I pre-ordered the digital album over a month ago and I have not received it! What's going on?
hisham's picture

best album ever - got lucky and got it on saturday (H)
leprechaunmafia3's picture

I ordered the digital copy like a month ago and they never told me how I would be receiving it so I just assumed they'd send an email but I haven't received any such email yet!!! What's good with that!!???!
Demonik SDB's picture

so, where's my pre-order at ???
migs's picture

Got my fan pack Sat! Much love, congrats LUPE! Great work!
Phameezy's picture

I ordered the "Premium Pack" for the LASERS CD and I read that some people already have theirs shipped 3 days ago. Mines still says "Acknowledge" and on the right it says may take 72 hours shipping, does this mean it's on its way to me?
jook's picture

walmart didnt have it this morning, but target did. been a big fan since the beginning, lupe. Absolutly love this, be proud. this will be in my ears all day.

Soo ready for LASERS. I'm so mad before school I went to buy it from walmart and they don't have it yet >:(
Child Rebel Soldier's picture

Love Always Shines Everytime Remember to Smile L.A.S.E.R.S. (we are everywhere!)

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