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Kobe, Lebron & Lupe?

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Busy's picture
on December 20, 2009

Diss of the year? Haha!


MsFiasco'sFlow303's picture

ahahahahah! this was allllll over my facebook! even when ur bein funny u still go in hard. i expect nothin less from u :)
Dominique's picture

hahahahahaha damn even when its funny he still go hard. get it lupe.
PistolPete13's picture

lookin ass that was hilarious kobe lookin shook lebron lookin shook ill throw yo ball on the roof
Brannu's picture

Lmao wow Santa ain't ready for Blitzen(Lupe)
jadon's picture

no comment as inits just mahd period
KedaB's picture

My guy killed it! The only artist I know that can spit as a reindeer and kill it! Props! They were looking shook though...cause they just got Blitz'ed!!!
Goodlife65's picture

lol this is good anyone notice the snowflakes going upwards in the beginning
thugish786's picture

kEDKFNAEOFO's picture

Okieant's picture

OMG Lupe u stupid!!!! u went hard on Santa! damn man ur really not playing tryin to take over the game. I'm all for it. Just make sure when u do it no one can really challenge u so we can have u on top for a long ass time please. I'm gettin tired of all the shit thats out other than urs. good looks on Throwback Thursday too...Nas is has my fav rapper too! Its cool y'all tied for #1in my book right now. Nas will always have that will u as long as u don't fall off....which i know u won't so don't worry. U got a fan for life right here. Good luck on the climb too man...I was gonna be mad and selfish and complain cuz Friend of the People isn't dropping but i can be patient.
PeacefulMe's picture

Gl1tch's picture

That's hard
Sound Boy_2's picture

Lexington's picture

OMGZ! Yo im cryin right now. I rewound it like 4x. LMAO!
JCutie's picture

Just say part 2 and...."dunking on the reindeer"... hella funny!
B.BellZ's picture

Lol! too funny, good shit Lu
CMorris's picture

haha thats funny, santa lookin shook, kobe lookin shook, lebron lookin shook, ill throw ya ball up on the roof haha
nIANja909's picture

Yeeaaah. S*** is tight.
JCutie's picture

Oooomyyy goodness, you are crazy for this one. Muhahahaha. I love it!
legit's picture

I love it FnF up baby
Rod189's picture

thats to funny lol
Lawfer's picture

Not only hilarious, but awesome! I wonder whats gonna be Lupe´s response to Santa aka KRS-One. Get the exposure Lu, yes!
Vinny6420's picture

Haha man that was a good one
jeankong's picture

Bracin3000's picture

hahah thats raw lupe
DaCloak AKA ThaOne's picture

Yo Busy thanks for posting this bro. Lu this was halarious bro. Keep gettin'em with bars.
DiAmOnDsCeNeKiD's picture

That was creative i loved it!
CheckPlz's picture

good one
KhalifSultan's picture

Ridiculous...they chose nicely by gettin you for this. I had to listen to it 3 times to catch everything u said brutha. & i agree with Jamil "You can get the 1st, 2nd, and the 3rd shot. Hahahahahaha. Throwing their ball on the roof is the ultimate sign of disrespect lol." "Sumthn Elves Cant Build"? lol lol iight keep the art & success King
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