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Kanye/Lupe/Common Perform In Chicago High School.

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on June 09, 2010

more clips/photos coming. stay tuned...


jnwright's picture

Oh man it was so nice to be a part of that concert. I mean Kanye + Lupe its a must seen concert. On the other hand, I like the idea of the Chicago High School teachers on how they would treat their good students. If your a good student you are allowed to go to Kanye + Lupe private concert. Thats really cool.
simonalovesyou's picture

they are really lucky and i would love to be in their position. But, does it seem fair that they are getting rewarded with a free, private concert for something they should already be doing in the first place which is keeping up their grades and not getting in trouble... They should be doing it in the first place, and what about those kids who work way harder than them? Don't they deserve a private concert? LOL just my opinion...
a_dot_in_the_cosmos's picture

Just imagine if every pop artist volunteered to offer a private concert as a prize for some educational goal. This world would be a much smarter place. ha... maybe this wouldn't be a good thing for some pop artists.
xeroxahippo's picture

what an awesome prize! good job to everyone!
SuzzannaQ's picture

Chicago pride~ btw, can anyone tell me how to download this video, plz? thx =p
Sal Simmons's picture

Definitely a good look. A lot of real people can appreciate this. Shots out to the artists that participated and little homie that was woodstock crumping on the stage. lol Check out underground artist Sal Simmons on as well: ;-)
firmfiasco's picture

Chicago's FINEST
xfactor's picture

lucky @ss kids...
ladyroo786's picture

omg these are my former students!!! so exciting!!! so happy they got this opportunity, i know these kids, and i know they deserve it! you rock, lupe!
panama88's picture

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zeb's picture

You need to come and perform in the UK, Lu :(
SierraLuella's picture

What a beautiful thing! 3 of the illest artists in the game shedding light on the importance of staying in school. Do you all see the joy on those kids faces? What an amazing feeling. THANK YOU FOR INSPIRING A GENERATION OF YOUNG ONES! All Love, Sierra Luella

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