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Busy's picture
on June 15, 2011

Pick up the latest issue of Jet magazine on newsstands right now!


treezymusic's picture

check out this demo of a track that I'll drop very soon. peace & blessings to all of you.
Shak's picture

Lupe and Bill O’Reilly is something i wana see...this is going to be one interesting show. Its like....(i can really compare it to anything.) peace
Jamel's picture

So Handsome Lupe. ! I'd Marry you any day ....
sswilli's picture

I want to know is Lupe Fiasco married or what.

Whhhooo! That's what I'm talkin' bout. Get'cha pose on :) I'd like to draw this, from where it says "Skull Leader" up. Damn printer has no ink and we can't get it just yet. I'mma work on that though.

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