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  • It's Official...
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    October 08, 2010

    Lupe Fiasco's much-anticipated new album "Lasers" hits stores and online Tuesday, March 8th 2011. The first single will premiere on Tuesday, October 26th right here on first! #GenerationLasers you ready? Let's go!

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on October 08, 2010

Lupe Fiasco's much-anticipated new album "Lasers" hits stores and online Tuesday, March 8th 2011. The first single will premiere on Tuesday, October 26th right here on first! #GenerationLasers you ready? Let's go!


IM BEAMIN's picture

so stoked just for the single on tuesday, FNF up!
JayTheFreshOne's picture

YA!!! im ready...been waiting for a while on this one...everyone is so eager to get the album but i understand patience is a virtue and i know its just gonna make the beats and lyrics sound much sweeter when we all hear it...after all we all have been waiting for this album since it was announced on the "The Cool" Album...almost 4 yrs ago so im sure we can wait a few more months..but damn its gonna be hard for sure! #TeamFiasco Up!!!
Question's picture

I'm SO EXCITED!!! I signed the petition, so the album finally having a release date means so much more to me... Now, because I'm a nerd and Lupe's fan base is composed of quite a few nerds, I'm going to share something I just noticed. Your album is being released on March 8, 2011. That's 3/8/11. 3+8=11... Coincidence? Idk. Just something I noticed...
MLW_08's picture

Thank You!! Tht's still quite a long tym 2 wait tho..
dlaluz33's picture

FINALLY A DATE OF YOUR NEW ALBUM!!!!! I'm cool with it just i have to wait song long for it. its all good man i know you are trying to fine tune your tracks on the album. do your thing. when it drops ill definitely will cop that.
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I.Feel.ya's picture

I won't enjoy until I don't see the video of the single and the album in the music shops!
dns410's picture

I'm out there to get your album quick as hell man. It's a bittersweet feeling, but good thing is we can go out there and prove this WACK ASS music business wrong about how they treat their best artists. In the end, I know nothing about how this whole album business worked out, but what I do know is that you're one of a kind brother, don't forget that. Rip it, all day, everyday, and music is love man, without your music every day of my life, this would just be that much weaker. Keep beamin', thank you.
didas18's picture

Released on my 19th birthday!!! Thanks for the b-day present of a lifetime Lu. Im more excited for the Album than my actual birthday lol. Dont worry ill be sure to buy the CD, none of that iTunes, Limewire nonsense. Generation Lasers!!!!!!!!
De's picture

WHAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!??????!!!!!!!!!!! WE HAV 2 WAIT A FREAKIN YR 2 HEAR DA GREAT LUPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I COULD HARDLY WAIT 3 MONTHZ!!!!!!!!!! BUT WHATEVA I STILL LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!1 CNT WAIT!!!!!!!!1
Trey_2's picture

Can't wait. Haven't been this excited about an album in awhile.
Aeous's picture

As much as we'd all love to have this album this year, I am glad that it truly is official this time. Hail to the greatest rapper of our generation.
lupend07's picture

Im to hype to hear that, well I know what will be the best album of 2011.
Marvel-FnF's picture

Lupe you needa leave Atlantic Records ASAP............ IM F*CKING PISSED THEY DELAYED UR ALBUM ANOTHER F*CKING YEAR.......WTF MAN!!! alot of my friends and im sure ur fans around the world are pissed too!!
G. Hall's picture

YYYEEEESSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! i cant wait!!! hopefully the date will be moved up but at least its comin out for sure :DDD
intellectualmusic's picture

Ridiculous date, seeing how it was suppose to be released December last year. Are the stillbdoing the protest? They should just to show we're still pissed at Atlantic.
mannierivers's picture

Tyrel Davis's picture

Finally we have a date!!!! cant wait...i know lupe wont let us down...
ZLouieV's picture

FIIINAALLY we have a date ppl...
amirah's picture

I haven't logged on this site in a WHILE...smh. Yay! I'm happy to hear that there's an actual date, but I'm not completely sold on the fact that it's gonna come out on that date. I still think that people should show up to these protests just to show support for Lupe and show Atlantic that we want Lupe's album. Even though I won't be there physically, I'll be there in spirit :-) let's gooooo!
bloxshields's picture

At least Lasers will be released.. It would be better if it was sooner..
ExposingTheWicked's picture

Too many people overvalue what they are not and undervalue what they are.
ExposingTheWicked's picture

copy jay-z make your fingers a piramid, and add some cool lyrics like the friends you ars-lick all teh time ''Diamonds bluish, biz manager's Jewish And if I get sued, my lawyers Jews'' add some of that and like the jay-z said your was good ''Flow tight like I was born Jewish'' put some of those lines, than you don't have to worry about your money whether 'atlantic' is going to make 25% out of every deal you have (aka selling yourself) 'If Money Is Nothing Why Is It An Issue When You Rhyme? MONEY IS NOTHING, can't take it with you when your DIE' ?????
savethedreams's picture

I am very glad to hear this, I was going to protest in downtown Chicago, and cause a mass riot for Atlantic records for not supporting Lupe Fiasco, or releasing his record. I love music and this is what I live for, I took personally offense when my music i need to build myself up from is not being released.
KETSADO's picture

They new what would have happened on Fiasco Friday.
Medzy's picture

woohoo!!! About freaking time! Can't wait! This will be epic!!!
lasersb4march's picture

Im not the only one who thinks a march release is bs for an album thats already done. Follow lasersb4march and we can continue making noise towards atlantic because I think WE ALL KNOW come march they will just delay it AGAIN and hope we forget. THE TIME IS NOW! I want to listen to the great american rap album or food and liquior by july next year so we need lasers out ASAP!
lupeforlife's picture

then june 5 2011, then late fall and so on....
NickJ's picture

HELL YEAH!!!! BOUT FREAKIN TIME!!!! Aye, like the Lasers manifesto says: "we will not lose because we are not losers, we are lasers." Lupe wins...for now, but Atlantic betta not pull this again with The Great American Rap Album.
Jeremiah D's picture

SUCH A LONG TIME AWAY.... finally those money hungry bastards released it after 2 years. Drop friend of the people so we dont die of anticipation!


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