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Interview With Big Von [106 KMEL]

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Busy's picture
on January 13, 2011


UngDynasty's picture

Meeting you on Friday was such an honor!!! FnF Up all day all day, Chi-town Bear gonna lose Sunday Sunday! lol
Jeremiah D's picture

lol cooking dance. only lu can look cool doing it
deadidei's picture

You've influenced many people positively and that's why you'll be remembered
cookieS624's picture

lupe....we never forgot about you man.....keep on doing what you do bcuz your music thrives us. makes us, makes us dance, makes us walk with the ill swag, and makes us wonder just how we can make a change for others and ourselves i am dying bcuz march 8th is takin too damn long to get here lolz
Shondeeze's picture

Damn, he was in Cali on my birthday :D!!!!! Lupe Fiasco keep doing your thing man. Your fan base was never gone, people just took a nap. Now it's time to wake em up. LASeRS!!!!!
ElPasito's picture

i wish i could have been there in the bay, where im from. lupe, i say you should do some work with Raphael Saadiq! connect with the bay!
iskander48's picture

mashallah 3alek ya lupe
Tomuchfuhkingtv's picture

You've influenced me positively and your GOING to be remembered

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