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Inspired By MTV's 'Hottest MCs' List?

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on February 01, 2010

Lu gives MTV the 411 on his classic mixtape. [via]


ZK's picture

man im not even sweatin lasers. farenheit 1/15 kept me til F&L. It Was Written n the other mashups kept me till The Coolest. Enemy of The State is still live n will continue to be such until Lasers. Lu's music is timeless, as real now as it is when it first drops. Its good he's selective with his releases, u can only shake up the scene so violently so often...
ImagineThat's picture

I was kind of turned off by Lu's desire to be recognized as one of the greats, but then again, what rapper isn't driven to be recognized. Especially when you know your on top of your game. MTV had a good point not to include him as he hadn't really dropped anything current, but everyone knows as soon as L.A.S.E.R.S. drops MTV is going to have a lot of explaining to do and its going to be classic for them to eat up their bad judgement when Lu warps their minds. Can't wait...
DaCloak AKA ThaOne's picture

I swear Lu you are one of the many reasons I stay spitting a mixture of similies, metaphors, punchlines, and etc. Genius bro.
ErNN's picture

need me some lasers so I can listen to something else besides you n kidcudi. you and Em gonna end up droppin the same month
Gl1tch's picture

Lupe destroys the Turnt Up beat. It's millions of times better than the original.
nIANja909's picture

"Classic Mixtape" lol... Lupe and crew runnin by MTV standards now? Guess that explains the quality of some of the s*** I been hearing lately.
Justice Rhymez's picture

lupe u r at the top of my list fuck what they say
Loversmark16's picture

I adore your music. Please drop Lasers. The world needs your influence.

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