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"I'm Beamin' Music Video

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on May 01, 2010

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So what do you guys think of the new video?


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Well...... it's about time, Loving the video Lu, it's cute! The beat on this song is sick and you know. Now I'm just patiently waiting to get your album.
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I agree with the dude who shares a name with me, Ali, I really hope you can come down to do a gig in England, preferably Manchester but if you could make London I'd be sure to drop in just for your gig, regardless of when it is, so I do hope you come down, and I'm fairly sure you'll be received just as well if not even better here, everyone to whom I've introduced your awesome music too has loved it! Peace, FNF UP, have a blast and whatever you do, you have a fan in me. P.S. The video is SLICK, your best yet in my opinion.
littlelenny's picture

kooolson,sik clip,look 4ward 2 ur next aussie trip
Chacho's picture

thx dude. And now I know!
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chacho hes said fuck before lol "you may think this deep as fuck but this is like my weaker stuff"
Chacho's picture

Did anyone else notice that Lupe said "shit"? I know it's not much but he's never used a word worse than the n word before. Anyways, I'm a huge Lupe fan and I really like his new sound and I'm interested to see how Lasers will turn out. The video is also very creative and unique, just like he is.
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Salam Lupe your to hot for words, the message of the song is on a whole new level and the deeper message of the song definitely woke me up. the visuals in the video are so dope and i must say one of he best i've seen in the last decade. i still feel your not as big as you should be so we need to promote this shit like mad ring people ring there stations up and demand this song. I also think you need a bigger presence outside of the USA e.g England :D i'm probably biased in saying that ^^ i hope you can tour England in the near future p.s inshallah everything will fall in place for lupe
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"I get my energy from my Inna G" ....... great quote. You are incredibily sexy and extraordinarily talented. I love this track...... Can't wait for the new album!!!!
Jeremiah D's picture

love how he hhits the freemason eye and laughs Drop lazers this year plz
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Oh nevermind Lu I get it I like that sneak the message through the masses lol I'm one of the masses man hey please check out some of my poems I even wrote a poem for your album its called Lasers the website is check me out send me a message on there thanks and keep doin watchu doin stay away from the illuminati peace ~Xeniyah
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ummm mmm i see tht december 2nd date is tht the album release date lupe? lol
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That's what I'm talkin bout finally a question though Lu whats goin on with the pyramid and the eye...that shoulda never been in the video...pretty scary don't you think...well whatever just don't switch on me...please we need some realness and you said I gotcha. FNF UP ~Xeniyah
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release date? :(
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This song is for me a vision. I can see that Hip-Hop will not die and will have a renaissance ... because of people like Lupe Fiasco. I also can say, and I'm really proud to say that, Lupe rescued Hip-Hop. He is more, then just a rapper ... he want's to open our eyes. He doesn't need the girls, the cars or the bling in his video. This video tells me once again, Lupe has more creativity for his lyrics and brings them to a video like this. He directly tells the kids "We Are Not Losers ... We are Lasers" and that is just good. Lupe, we need this album ... FNF UP
211's picture

We are few in D.C. ,Lasers that is. But I can speak for most of them cuz we all hang together. When I say this video hits so many levels of relevant issues with the youth in America and the lack of Positivity in Hip Hop you will know im a person who listens to your lyrics. All the subliminal messages of positivity is helping us to see the wackness in the indusrty. Niggas who dont respect it are unaware. This is Genius material and needs to be recognized. You are trilly and trully ignorances enemy! Keep this up and the masses will grow! TO ALL LASERS: We must pull together and make this movement of positivity effectivley persuade our youth to travel down the road to where the oppisite of living in sin can be cool. BUY HIS ALBUM ONCE EVERY PAYCHECK FOR 6 WEEKS STR8, give his album to youth and to people that need an alternative or change in their life. We are somewhat affected by the music we listen to, i know its a long shot but we have to start somewhere. Thanks Lupe for all the support your giving to Us Fellow Lasers around the world. Your lyrical content and messages are not ignored!!
TD Brooks's picture

The BEST there is Showin' EM' How it's done once again! Hope They Have Their Pens and Pads out! FnF UP FOR YEARS TO COME!
plewmeister12's picture

love the video, but im bout to rip my hair out waiting for lasers. come back to b-town. bloomington needs a good concert after the last few ive been to
7carpileup's picture

P.S. You really killed it in Houston and everyone said it was the BEST concert they've been to. Guest appearance by Trae and Bun B was the cherry on top of the most diverse and talented concert ever.
7carpileup's picture

I am very impressed after watching this music video. I am tired of seeing videos with scantily clad women and booty poppin. I rarely watch music videos due the irrelevance of the video to the song. Lupe brings an awareness and innocence to hip hop which as been lost among the Lil Waynes and Pitbulls. Most importantly Lupe keeps true to himself and his morals. This video wasn't nonsensical like Drake's and outlandish like Lady Gaga's. It was cute seeing the little kids in the video that actually relate to the message and give a positive message to the youth. I have been looking forward to this video since Lupe announced it on Twitter and it lived up to my expectations. Salam and FnF up!
baseball320's picture

this is so hot nianja go home i love all the cardboard structures and such nice job dude
nIANja909's picture

I think it's cheesy. But better then I Gotcha.
211's picture

I think u are saying a whole lot lately about this Illuminati Free Mason thing. U are my favorite artist of all time and tho I kno u mess with ppl who are involved with that stuff yet u still manage to stay away from it. Which is why u will prolly never be mentioned in the best ever discussion. U are clearly better than Jay-Z (Lucifer of Hip Hop) but will never get the credit. I've seen and heard rhymes that have convinced me that u are not or don't want to be affiliated with that group of people. We need a Superhero of Music to save the industry of all of these villianous Rappers. Keep God 1st and your Fans 2nd. 211 says" Fuc* tha Rest, Cuz real niggas kno ur Tha best!!" Holla at me homie! Other Mason reference that I've caught were in the I'm beaming video, yoga flame" ain't no goats ain't no gates",the first line of the Angles remix," I see/eye see/Icy diamond flooded demons".... it goes on all the way back to food and liquor. Look at the album cover of the Cool. It clearly has the diamond but it clesrly contains all the evil sighns of what's he's againts inside of it. He is smart at what he does and I respect him a lot. He is bold, because I do believe they will try to take him out. Nobody wants him to do well, and yet nobody will come out and confront what he is doing. I'm his biggest fan only because he does shut like me and handles it the way I would. The devil is on me 2 tons 2..... but keep God first and staying positive is the only way to remain seperate from evil and wrong doing. Lupe is way deeper than all other artist. Along with Jay Electronica (Lucifer slayer) I really would like to hear a Superfriends Mixtape comfronting and coming against the politics if hip hop(Radio play, record sales, exposer, Free Masonary, New World Order, ect.) Lasers will start a Revolution if we support it, and even Japanese cartoon is becoming my favorite band. We must support this Movement. -Cee Jay-
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hahah ewwww lupe that was dope as hell cant wait for laserzzzzz!!!
FiAsCoSuNsHiNe's picture

I LOOOVE the video, I watch it all the time because I always catch something I haven't seen. My favorite parts are when the kids are holding the speakers and your on the mic, and when the little boy moves the flames in the fire place... So cute! I can't wait for the album to drop... Love Ya!
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dope. I love the concept.
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Your kind of late lupe.


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