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I'm Beamin' (ALIen Remix) Video

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Busy's picture
on February 11, 2010

Dope. What y'all think?


pondagrr's picture

That was raw
nolamkp09's picture

that was pretty sick...wale is good, but im still not impressed by him...and collaborating with Mayer might be cool, but it wouldnt be that significant. You cant really do anything with him that lupe hasnt already done with Santos or Kanye with that dude from Maroon five...i dont even know if Mayer could step out of his mellow comfort zone
sweetalyse's picture

too dope, ya hear me!! Enjoyed!
De's picture

bruhh i've heared some 'im beamin' remix but this is the dopeset i've evea heared lik real tlk my ni99a!!!!!
vd's picture

I fuck with ali no homo..see you at apac homie..
rbkid's picture

C.A.Griffin u call yoself a lupe fan how u not gonna know he has songs with wale already ..listen to dope boyz..and common man dont hate can u play the drums while playin catch with the drum stick?? he's badass much props
Pkkspiral's picture

ninabwoy972's picture

Awesome !!!
Kadishu's picture

K-Flow's picture

*jaw drops* damn
deli dell's picture

that was cold....i like it.
Blackstar100's picture

FIRE ....Seriously Dopeness.........
Neesee's picture

DAMN! i like it
SolidLiquidLaser's picture

props to BayBoy8806 i dig
bayboy8806's picture

To all you people talking shit on here, get a life lol. This video is not meant to be serious, duh... so why you all hating on this dude so hard?? He can't drum?? What video were YOU watching? Has NO talent?? Post a youtube video of YOU playing better than him, to ANY song. Lupe is just tryna give this guy a little spotlight, that's all... good for him, dude is a BEAST drummer. And i don't get it with Lupe fans, yall are like on a permanent PMS, stop super analyzing everything and being over critical. Lupe deserves better fans lol
chican06's picture

I don't like it at all :/.. sound like noisy and annoying sorry to say..
C.A.Griffin's picture

This dude is not talented and neither is Travis Barker. All he does is bang the mess out of the cymbals and drums. What he is doing is elementary. He is not keeping with the beat at all. Also when did barker become a better drummer than Steve Jordan? Like, seriously if talk about a dummer with skills Jordan is easily at the top. Listen to John Mayer Trio. The drumming is so intricate and very smooth. Lupe is easily the best rapper. He needs to get Mayer on a track. It would be something out of this world. Also, Lupe you need do something with Wale. He is a beast. By far the second best rapper out there only behind you.
CMorris's picture

this guy is really talented on the drums, however maybe a different song choice woulda sounded better? I really think he should keep drumming, but just to a different beat
Zoe Indigo's picture

hmmm ... can't say that i agree with you on this one lupe you're still the voice of my generation though ;)
Izzy_3's picture

good drummer but not good with the song. I would rather hear this song acoustically with violins.
J Day's picture

This is dope
Nailah_Marie's picture

dude is mad talented, keep doin wat u doin homie ^_^
friendofthepeople's picture

Not feelin it. iPhone only played up to the third verse where he started pickin his nose. Was gettin good but I lost interest.
Kae Rocs Dread Locks's picture

dude this is sick!!!!! i love how u bring up the issues of originality? and individuality in the beginning but bruh the talent is alll uuuu!!!!!

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