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Happy Birthday Lupe!

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  • Happy Birthday Lupe!
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    February 16, 2010

    Today Lupe is traveling to New Zealand for the launch of the tour, but leave your b-day wishes below!


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on February 16, 2010

Today Lupe is traveling to New Zealand for the launch of the tour, but leave your b-day wishes below!



rbkid's picture

happy bday lu..cant wait til u come back to the states gonna go watch u and B.O.B. ...
CityPrince's picture

Happy Birthday Sir Lu !
bigkidlittlegiant's picture

happy birthday lupe. i hope to see you soon brotha.
WaryaFiasco's picture

Happy Belated birthday Lupe, hope you had a great day my brotha. big up!
TRW's picture

Happy Birthday Fam
Beb0's picture

Happy Birthday!!
actionbastard212's picture

happy belated fam
jcpsenicka's picture

Happy birthday Lupe
Woah's picture

Ayy Lupe got a bday!! Keep up the great work and keep killing the competition!
bigmarv's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe... FNF all day!
SongBuddy's picture

Happy B-day Lupe. FNF!
Fish_2's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe, keep on being your amazing true self! FnF UP!!
E.B.'s picture

happy bday Mr. Jaco
JWill6113's picture

Happy Belated Birthday Fam!...I and so many others appreciate the contributed inspiration packaged in song form...can't wait to see you do it in other avenues, you and the fnf family will have my support throughout time..."just trying to do the opposite of left, as long as there's an opposite of death" We're grateful for your representation Lu! Joshua p.s. That 'Blitzen' verse for the Nike Commercial was raw! Hahaha, shit was better than most songs
hegetsthegirl's picture

happy belated wasalu =) @theebrownie_PGA
Lil' Cool Khid.'s picture

Happi birthday lupe, WE ARE LAzERS!
brittanyiare's picture

happy belated, lu. lost your number. hope to see u again. many blessings. twitter: @brittanyiare
Jovan's picture

Happy Birthday Lu, Keep Beaming!!!
Manohonor's picture

Happy Birthday Lu, keep going
Dragon heart's picture

Happy Birthday lupe FNF/Lasers
Goodlife65's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe keep it going FNF Up!!!!!!!!
cmoney114's picture

Happy bday to u man!
bmojam22's picture

Lupe The Killa ... Happy B day and many more.. LASERS!!!!
_hypemeansnothing's picture

F R E S H to D E A T H he is from the set to the steps he is but death might not let me live ya dig fresh uh huh yes he is.. (: HAPPY BIRTHDAY LF
spicygarlic28's picture

happ bday lupeee! tell me first when lasers is dropping ;) ... but seriously i can't wait for this year!
Justice Rhymez's picture

happy b-day lupe
S.D.'s picture

Happy Birthday lupe! love you!
MajikL's picture

happy bday bro, can't wait till you make it to Melbourne =)
maya_2's picture

Happy Birthday! Looking forward to saturday from Canberra Australia
LadyC2189's picture



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