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Happy Birthday Lupe!

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  • Happy Birthday Lupe!
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    February 16, 2011

    Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!

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on February 16, 2011

Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!


uconnking's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe, best song of all time "Intruder Alert"
DashGalaxy's picture

Happy birthday bra! big fan keep up the good work...LASERS
dmckenzie's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe hope you have a good one and many more
G Farris's picture

Happy Bday Lupe. Cant wait to get my hands on that LASERS premium pack and play dat CD til it breaks....then buy another 1 lol
Wordplay's picture

Happy bday Lupe! Much love to ya!
zelmar's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!! ;) Keep it real bro, and I can't wait for Lazers. It'll be amazing!!
xfactor's picture

Unique's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! FnF Escalator! Hope it's a good day for you! Come to New Hampshire sometime! We bring the new school knowledge! Peace to you
Shondeeze's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe. Lazers is almost here. I can't wait to here you spit that knowledge the people in this world need man. Keep going.
kyle116's picture

happy birthday
Heike-san's picture

Happy Birthday Lu'!! Keep up with the good ryhmes and the cool vibes!! Stand up tall like FnF!! The child rebels soldier are behind you and we all stand up true! Your music is an everyday inspiration, if only half of your words could get to the masses the world would be half better! Switch up the candles and light on the stages, I hope the show goes on for more !!
jpeyt0n2's picture

Happy Birthday man. You've accomplished a lot at 29. Someday I wish to be as happy as you.
xJAyROd17x's picture

Ummmm Lupe my Bst Friend Edwin Mocha told me its ur b-day Soo Happy birthday lupefiasco by the Way i Like the Show Goes On Song iM From BRooklyn Home Of The Biggy Naw Mean nd Soo Is EdWin He Looks Up too U
BRBeatz's picture

happy birthday!
saigoal's picture

Happy birthday lupe - all the way from glasgow, scotland from ur brother in islam. We love u! will always support u. keep up the good work!!!
ArtMusic's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! Hope you have had a wonderful day. For your gift, I will go out and BUY Lasers (I've only been waiting for 2+ years...haha) Be blessed!
Gamelo22's picture

Mannerz92's picture

Happy birthday Lupe! i hope your day is filled with happiness and i hope i get to meet you again in the near future :) (so many questions to ask)
Chillax's picture

Lupayyyyyyyyy, I've told how impressive you are and your music is in enough comments. So here's a simple Happy Birthday
Burneycorey's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!
fms_twisted_2's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!!!! Hope you do something special!!! Your music is amazing and I hope that you never stop doing what you do!!!!
RepresentingTheReal's picture

Happy B-day to the best in the industry. Make it a good one
Kjan's picture

Happy B-day :)
XxYella_BoyxX's picture

February 16, great people are born (my B-Day is today)....
tntimtation's picture

happy birthanniversary good sir, my birthday is in a few days. Cool people are born in February
kartikmc's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! you have inspired so many people and I have learnt so much from your music. keep making music thats changing the world! We are Lasers! FNF UP!
Brook Samuel's picture

LUPE Happy Birthday fam. Have a good one and God/Allah Bless you !!! ( Anime/Manga rocks :P)
ODman1026's picture

Lupe Man you are my favorite artist and the best rapper i know and you inspire a lot of my music i hope that one day i could do a song wit you man. Happy birthday congrats and keep on makin that good shit dude.
Salenro31's picture

Happy Birthday Lu!! Hope it goes great and my birthday is tomorrow.
FNFCHEVY88's picture



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