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Happy Birthday Lupe!

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  • Happy Birthday Lupe!
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    February 16, 2011

    Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!

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Busy's picture
on February 16, 2011

Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!


bigdaddym77's picture

Happy Birthday my dude. You know I'm gonna cop that new L@sers March 8th can't wait!!!
J S's picture

Haqppy birthday Lupe. I hope you enjoy it to the MAX cause u r the best musician of ALL TIME! Dont ANYONE tell you different! FNF UP!
NsaneNzeine's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe you are my favorite artist and i just love how you represent and you are fearless. Enjoy your birthday to the max because you hella deserve it. hopefully ill get to meet you one day and make a movie bout how you see the world, where we can exchange ideas and everything. You have inspired me in so many ways and im greatful. so all im trying to say is Enjoy TODAY and the rest of your life too. xoxo, -Nonzee
luiszuniga16's picture

Happy Birthday Lu. Life is life an endless fall. Right when you think your gonna hit the ground, The world flips on you and you keep falling. Keep doing YOU no matter how many times the world flips on you. From an inspired fan. FNF.
William's picture

Happy day of birth Lupe, hope you and yours are truly happy, if anyone deserves it it's you. Just wanted to thank you for never giving up on yourself or your moral integrity.I must say looking back man it just feels so great knowing that I fought for this album to come out and was around for the creation of the now infamous petition, I respect you down to the very last atom because of your genuinity and fearlessness when it comes to the issues you touch on in your songs, you're the example that the world should be following, instead they try and sweep you under the rug. My parents hate me and have destroyed my world because I chose to study fashion, they laugh in my face, call me gay and tell me I'll never make it, they pushed me to the point of dropping out of college this past year, All my friends have basically turned on me, I lost somebody that I truly loved (one of the first times I've ever felt love or compassion for anybody other than myself) in the last 8 months. through all these trials though, I've never let go of who I am or my dreams and aspirations and you were and still are one of my biggest inspirations for this life. I don't want to give up on my dreams and seeing you on the right path only reassures me that eventually I'll make it out too and I just want to thank you for being such a good example. That's why after people spammed Atlantic Records and it didn't work, I tweeted you and told you several days before hand that a much bigger movement was in the works and low and behold 32 K+ signatures later and a half a year here we are, just a few more weeks away from LASERS! here are a few lines I wrote out a while ago (no, I'm not a rapper) which was inspired in part by you; My principles straight up won’t be bartered over/ for real I’d rather be tied up the cross and martyred/ you don't know but you speakin’ to the author/ forget the name William, simply address me as “your father” Happy Birthday Wasalu "warrior" Muhammad Jaco
Bianca Christine's picture

Happy Birthday, Lupe!!!
alucard11911's picture

Happy Birthday Lu from your fellow FNF Army member. Live long and Stay strong. Im rocking your album once it comes out, and i will continue to be the strong follower I am. Stay up man.
paigehadley54's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe, your music has changed my life. You are the most insightful, intelligent, and thought-provoking artist in the game. Not to mention your rhymes blow my mind away. Keep up the great work, you are appreciated more than you know!!!
desmond_tru's picture

Happy Birthday from one of your biggest fans. Enjoy it man!
ProfEx's picture

Happy Birthday Mr. Wasalu Jaco from a fan thats stuck around from day 1. Enjoy your day!
Phoenix's picture

Happy birthday, from up in the north! May you, your truth and your music influence the whole world.
DJwhalewatcher's picture

The best birthday present will be March 8th, when LASERS smashes the charts and Hip-Hop is re-born. Happy Birthday Lupe.
Devin JupiterLove Chisholm's picture

Happy Birthday Hun
franchescaxjasmine's picture

happy birthday lupe , another year older another year wiser
moe_4's picture

Happy Birthday LUPE!!!!! You are by far the BEST rapper... and your words are very influencial... THANK YOU for you music!!
Mike hawk's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe!!! You are one of the few artists still spittin the truth and you are just giving us all great song after great song
forkemup's picture

Happy Birthday from your biggest fan from the city in the midwest best city in the whole wide wide wide wide wide wide wide world
Junor's picture

happy birthday Mr. Jaco, hope you're doing well.
xJAyROd17x's picture

Ummmm Lupe my Bst Friend Edwin Mocha told me its ur b-day Soo Happy birthday lupefiasco by the Way i Like the Show Goes On Song iM From BRooklyn Home Of The Biggy Naw Mean nd Soo Is EdWin He Looks Up too U
LUPEthelyricalgenius24's picture

Happy Birthday Wasalu! continue to do your thing and shed light on the world through your awesome music
abraham's picture

Happy Birthday My Muslim Brother
abraham's picture

happy birthday my Muslim brother
Jordanimos's picture

Happy Annual Bro
Loulwa's picture

Happy 29th! Thank you for giving young Muslims something to be proud of.
Risa's picture

Happy Birthday to us!! (: Happy Birthday Lupe!! I hope your having a great one.
XtinaBiz's picture

Happy Birthday Lupe! I wish you many more years of life and success, I can't wait for Lasers!
Ejeezy25's picture

happy birthday to real best rapper alive
Jeremiah D's picture

happy birthday Lu. hope u have many more
DakidShineBrite's picture

happy birthday lupe. ive been your biggest fan since i was like 9 years old! hope you keep doing what you're doing and bringing inspiration to younger people like me!
takenotes11's picture

Happy Birthday Lu! Dopest lyricist in the game


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