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Happy Birthday Lupe!

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  • Happy Birthday Lupe!
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    February 16, 2011

    Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!

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on February 16, 2011

Lu turns the big 2-9 this year. Leave him a birthday comment below and don't forget Lasers March 8th!


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Happy birthday Lu! I thank Allah that you can rap the real sh*t in this mad fake rap game mayne. You the best rapper alive right noooow! Keep doing yo thang. May God bless you. Amen!
jn's picture

Happy birthday Lupe! May you always shine down on us all!
WonderWhy's picture

Happy B-Day Wasalu keep it up man you the hope for the rap game right now
mspeelicious's picture

Happy Birthday for yesterday 16th which was your official birthday! and your other Bday today according to Wikipedia.LOL Wish you all the joy and happiness you deserve and I pray you are blessed with more success. Keep doing what you are doing!
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Happy Birthday Lu! Keep it real man, the only true rapper alive
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Happy birthday Lu! Keep up the AMAZING work!
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Happy Birthday to a true warrior (Wasalu) not only in the hip-hop community but in the world. You're my favorite rapper in the game right now and have been since 2006. Keep doing what you're doing and the LASERS will continue supporting ya.
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The world became a little brighter on this day 29 years ago when you were born. Thank you for everything that you've done and continue to do. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! to one of the few gentlemen left on the planet
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Happy born day :)
fontella311's picture

happy b-day LUPE music is always great and you never disappoint. Words I Never Say should be the new anthem.
Y.C.'s picture

Happy Birthday Lupe, enjoy this day with much cake and much love ;)
Child Rebel Soldier's picture

Happy Birthday! 1982!!!
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Happy Birthday Lupe. Hope you had a great day. "One year older, one year wiser, Fire quelling man, Mr. Compromiser." -Gregory Ivor Newman
wearelasers93's picture

Happyy birthdayy to the only reason i listen to music :)) ?
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HAPPY BIRTHDAY LUPE! God bless and Much love to ya ;)
CRUZ_93's picture

happy birthday lu. from a true fan. L.A.S.E.R.S!!
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Happy birthday Lupe! Thanks for giving us excellent hip-hop music (along with excellent rock music, Japanese Cartoon).
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Happy Birthday Lupe!!! you're one of my favorite artists,i wasn't really a fan of hip hop until i heard one of your songs. I fell in love with the message and depth of thought put into the lyrics to the point of actually researching what i didn't understand. Thanks for letting your music inform people about the world and not glorifying violence, sex, drugs. I can't wait for Lasers!! Happy Birthday again...hope you have an awesome day because you sincerely deserve it!!!!
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Happy Birthaday Lupe...Nothin but da best wishes go out to ya... Thank you for making good music again... May you continue to be blessed with success. Thank you for keeping it real. Cant wait for your new album to drop.
JoshFTD9's picture

Happy Birthday Lu! You are the best! Keep up the good work! March 8th is gonna be one of the best days of this year!!
Haleemah97's picture

Happy birthday! Cant wait for Lasers!
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happy birthday lupe... lasers soon.. got my itunes pass already.. stay real
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Happy B-Day Lupe! Can't wait until the album drops.
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I've said this on Facebook and Twitter, but I want to wish you a Happy Birthday once again! Here, I created this little cartoon version of you heh heh Sooo hyped for Fiasco Friday II to take place here in NY in a couple of weeks!!
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Happy bday!
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Happy birthday Lu! I hope you have a wonderful 29th birthday. I used to be like you said you were in "Hurt Me Soul". I used to hate hip hop because the women were degraded. I was too exposed to mainstream rap, and never got to see the underground side of hip hop. Then, around 2006, I found your music. And it was from you that I was introduced to legends like Nas, Mos Def, Tupac, and many more. I'm Sunni, like you too. mashAllah, it is amazing to have the greatest MC in the game to be Muslim. Represent! Hahahah.. Well I hope somehow you see this, so that you know how much your music means to me. You are the greatest influence in my life. Thank you for the great music, and im definitely getting premium for Lasers. We are not losers, we are Lasers. P.S. - Food and Liquor was the greatest album of all time. Can't wait till F&L2!
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Happy Birthday Lupe Hope you have a great birthday, cant wait for lasers counting down the days =) luv u Lupe!


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