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Gorillaz – “Stylo” [Music Video]

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Busy's picture
on March 01, 2010

Yes. Super Fresh. What y'all think?


msasgen's picture

is lupe the gorilla a guest on the new album
3D's picture

lol curse u youtube!
G5's picture

pure dopeness, mos def ripped this shit too!!
Fedoraura's picture

dope lol bruce would have a smith though
andfx8's picture

it's hard to describe this song; it's definitely original. lovin Mos Def on the track. the other guest kinda spazzes though. dope song
bigmarv's picture

Why is Bruce in the video lol. Gorillaz still got it.
WrathofAres's picture

witmachine's picture

album drops March 8... i got the pre-order... and the trailer mp3 is mellow...
chillushio's picture

feelin it.
K-Flow's picture

i'm bout to cop that album tomorrow
Daniel Santos's picture

i get the greatness
JohnPerez718's picture

wouldnt expect anything less from the gorillaz...pretty damn good video! A Rhyming Ape 2??? PLEASE!!!!!!!
KedAKAKnowledge's picture

one word....DOPE!
Sabotage's picture

Too dope, can't wait for Plastic Beach.

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