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Go To Sleep Live @ North Coast Music Fest

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Busy's picture
on September 06, 2010

Check Lu performing "Go To Sleep" live for the first time at this past weekend's north coast music fest in the chi. [via]


NehalemSparkles's picture

In the song you say you're "no homo." Why did you feel the need to say that? It almost comes off like a back-handed comment at those that are gay (like the rest of the mainstream rap circle).
Xeniyah's picture

Lupe when you comin to Buffalo New York I gotta see you before I die...seriously
Fabiola's picture

the guy is a beast... love his delivery style... UNIQUE... come back to new york in January Lupe!!
JPreciado's picture

Lupe is a beast live.....would anyone like to check out my cover I did for Hip-Hop Saved My Life? It's one of my first tracks I've recorded so it's still shabby. Thanks, JP
CamilleStorm's picture

i was there!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Lupe was as amazin and energetic as ever
Thaguywhoknow's picture check it out
Prophocy's picture

That was my third Lupe performance i've seen and it was one of the best... The other 2 were at Summer Fest.. this topped it and this one was shorter
eeniekey's picture

Love u Lupe but u need to get someone who is going to film ur concerts professionally!
xfactor's picture

Man....I wish I coulda made it there last night.....woulda been SICK!!
Matt_13's picture

FNF all the way up

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