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Game Changers Pt.2

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on February 16, 2011

Part 3 drops next Monday. Check back to watch then. #GameChangers


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i remember one night me and my dad were listening to Lavina by the veils and i cried listing to it..its so hard to find great music that gets to your emotions,if its not a curse at least every ten words kids these days shut it off,i feel so weird saying that cause im only fourteen,but music has been in my life since i was younger and my dad used to do shows.everyone at that table there are inspiring to me.iv been recently trying to create my own music and you've inspired me so dad passed away a month ago and when i heard ill never forget you ft john( another amazing artist) i cried especially that last verse.he was such an amazing man and was my brother my father and my best friend and your music has been a large part in copping with the i really miss my pops hope that god watches over him and that hes on top that there is no more disease and that hes alright,that hes one of the generals inside the army of the light,music like that that effects individual people emotionally is what is dying today and the insight you guys give is to good to be again i say thank you for everything.
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@ROMAN GARCIA SAYS yeah that already happened in "tightrope (feat. Lupe Fiasco & B.o.B) [remix]"
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That's nice Lupe!
We are not losers's picture

@ROMAN GARCIA listen to Janelle's Tightrope wondamix!
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janelle, B.o.B and lupe should make a song. THAT WOULD BE BEAST!
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I am interested in Janelle Monae and her use of Metropolis on album. Metropolis was the theme to Burning Man this last year. The movie is a classic. Is her robot a good robot? or one sent from above to subvert the people underground..... I guess i have to buy the album :)

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