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FRESH VIDEO: Janelle Monae - "Cold War"

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on August 08, 2010

Dope. #TheArchAndroid in stores now! Pickup on iTunes today!


JPreciado's picture

I respect Janelle a lot. She is soo talented. I don't think I've ever been disappointed by her. She's so unique......would anyone like to check out my cover I did for Hip-Hop Saved My Life? It's one of my first tracks I've recorded so it's still shabby. Thanks, JP
Thaguywhoknow's picture check it out
KaVmAn's picture

That album is amazing!!! If you haven't bought it, buy it! She has classics on there. Faster and Locked Inside being some.
deli dell's picture

i love this song!!! i didn't understand why she chose to do the video like this but i think b/c the song is complicated its no need to have a complicated video plus she don't have to have flashy images for her song to be cold she just is i love her!!
LaDii B-More's picture

I Love, Love, LOVE Janelle!! "Are we really livin or just walkin dead now?!" I've heard NOTHING of hers that I didn't like.. Awesome voice, Awesome substance! She sings about what's RELEVANT & REAL :)
andfx8's picture

dang! she's good
KaVmAn's picture

freaky awesome song
Dieus's picture

just awesome...awesome artist, awesome song, awesome video!
Akday's picture

Crush no crush, she deserves mad respect!
eli_3's picture

@jamh they would make revolutionary babies :)
JAMH's picture

I think Lupe has a crush on this chick.

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