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Fresh: Diggy Rocks Trilly & Truly In New Video.

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Busy's picture
on March 11, 2010

Made you look! Cop Trilly and Truly gear and get fresh now! FNF Uppers!


MrsSOLODOLO's picture

Jmin12's picture

kids flow is ill
mik3y's picture

str8 murder!!!
Inner G's picture

man, dig blows his brother out of the water. very lupe-esque. i'm diggin it
UnknownMarauda's picture

lol..."i'm a fashion's a new look"....i ain't see that comin
D.Fizzle's picture Pls wATCH iTS nICE
MissChesnut's picture

wow diggy thats was super tight keepin the rappin thang goin!(:
De's picture

damn i didnt no he could rap!! diggy u so fine lik really u fine!!!!! but good also good at rappin
AJ Greene's picture

Damn Dig... I never even thought dude could rap, dis shyt is dope...
Ladii_Harlem's picture

Dope ..... Son is on fire ...... Follow mi at
dafranchise91's picture

dammm dat was dope just ewww
D_man71200's picture

Your boy is for real. The hip hop game might not be dead yet. The young people can produce something besides a dance song. Keep it coming diggy
PhillyPhresh's picture

was the show in LA cancelled? ticketmaster doesnt have it it available for the date you have posted on this site... but live nation does. im so confused cuz i bought my tickets for May 2 in San Fran off of ticketmaster.
Gl1tch's picture

lol. He's a Lil Cory Gunz
deli dell's picture

wow...i was not ready for that but that was kinda cold i thought he wasnt rappin for a second and then i'm like what??? man that was crazy...
dray20's picture

wat it do lil homie, i'm feeln this one, keep your hand up
ExposingTheWicked's picture

kanye west +lupe + nigo+ bbc STAN + RICH PARRENTS = sellout kid -.- GTFO with this crap NOW
Da Real Deal's picture

Run DMC's son is spitting tho LMFAO. JoJo must be pissed that Diggy is better than him.
Capri215's picture

M.shelz's picture

Mr.cole and him would create seizures of pleasure lyrically!!!
M.shelz's picture

omgoosness! ok, how old is he? word " the holy spirit is in me"!!!
tiaundra's picture

I was watching this video earlier and as I told someone else: I can't even fake on him, the boy is good!!!
speedstar's picture

I see you Dig. I gotta start putting out my songs quick.

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