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Fiasco responds to Jessica Biel Rumors

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Busy's picture
on January 28, 2010

Lupe responds to Jessica Biel rumors online.


ShaeBoo's picture

is it just me or was he blushing? dont cheat on me boo...u kno i love u...lmao!!
JCutie's picture

First time hearing this too :(, um Lu, she better stay just good peoples. Don't do it! LOL!
Eagleztothegrave's picture

Tha would've been sooooo random.. Lupe and Jessica? LOL
Jeremiah D's picture

lol i had to google jessica beil first. shes pretty Lu! ask her out before i do
Allen Walker's picture

So people are all upset because you want your music put out in the order and schedule as it was intended by you the artist to be released and made available... In order to enhance our experience as the listener... So if the message to be focused on this upcoming album then a mixtape of old material is only confusing the message or the current movement. Not that you don't want the audience to have that, just... Not right now. We're painting a picture right now. Same thing with single releases. These tracks are supposed to grow on us and shape the upcoming mood of the album.. Single are like trailers we aren't trying to give the whole movie away for the audiences sake.
X Cilly X's picture

I do "rock" with her---hmmmmm hahah
lobo420's picture

that jacket is tight.
itwasafridaynight's picture

climb a mountain with someone and people will think youre dating.
NatalieFiascoFNF's picture

haha this the first im hearin bout this

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