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Exclusive Photos: Lupe Fiasco @ House Of Blues - Atlantic City, NJ

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Busy's picture
on April 10, 2010

Photos Credit: Brian Moghadam


markanderson's picture

Amazing photos!
BAG's picture

When in the hell is your album coming out?!?! The wait is agonizing!!!
Abby Hussein's picture

amazing show!!! im the one with a red spot on my shirt. im so glad i made this tour my first show. Lupe is a beast!! FNF UP!
BetsyD's picture

I saw Lupe at UMass last year and he was nothing short of amazing which made me so happy that he was touring again. AC concert was unbelievable. Loved Lupe (obviously) loveeddd B.O.B. and thought Dosage was unbelievable! Can you post a link to where we can find more out about dosage?? I cant find him anywhere! Thanksss
Asmanis-De Schacht David's picture

Come in Europe. Please. You got fans here. Come in Bruxelles please.
hegetsthegirl's picture

there's my friend cheena in the first picture!
anda's picture

Amazing photos!
Profound Aesthetic's picture

AMAZING SHOW IN AC LAST NIGHT. Lupe is as magical on stage as MJ. Big shout out to Lupe for showing the audience the "Weapon of Mass Destruction" t-shirt. To buy one go to and also check out the exclusive lupe shirt "Spray Paint and Ink Pen I use to write in every color I think in"
MissNatalie's picture

So does he pull people on stage if they're wearing the "Audience Member Uniform"???
Edwuurd's picture

awww damn. All I can see is my hat lmao. Thanks for letting me on your stage. Best concert ever. And it was my first concert ever. How lucky was I to be on stage with my favorite artist at my very first concert lol. Everyone that performed tore it up. If anyone knows where I can find some of Dosage's music, please let me know. If he has a twitter, facebook, etc. Let me know that too please. Greatest day of my life. I'll never forget it hahahah!
JCarter1263's picture

Does Lupe sign autographs for military personnel serving in Active Duty in Afghanistant?
JCarter1263's picture

My husband and I attended your show in Atlantic City, and it was unbelievable. We are, what I guess you would consider, your older fans, and we really enjoy the lyrics to your raps and the positive messages you deliver. I know we probably were the oldest people at your concert, but it didn't matter. We would really love to attend another concert.
Ashimaribozu's picture

We already got our Tickets for the Dallas show, now I gotta fill out a vacation form our get ready to call in sick.

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