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Busy's picture
on April 11, 2010

Photo Credit: Brian Moghadam - See more here! Who's coming tonight?


211's picture

Hey Lupe you should definitely rock this!! * winks ey*
211's picture

Its kinda fake how, I've had that shirt for a while. Its a $10.00 shirt. LUPE IS THA MAN!!!
BlackX1's picture

that anti-swatiska shirt is too cold. i really wish i knew where he got it.
BritPratt's picture

i wish i was there! =( i know the show was tiiight!!!
N-s-K's picture

Dope (reminds me the Koko club concert in London), I have to agree with the previous comment, the Old continent is waiting for that ! Peace
Asmanis-De Schacht David's picture

Please, come in Europe. You got fans here. Paris, Bruxelles, London, Copenhague, Berlin, Madrid, Roma, you will be our guest. I can't wait your new album... please, next year, I'll begin studies in translation English-Chinese, so I need my LAZERS. I'm not a looser. I'm a nerd and I'm proud.

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