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Exclusive: Lupe Fiasco AllHipHop Interview

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Busy's picture
on January 04, 2010

Lu sat down a while back with here's the interview above. enjoy.


JCutie's picture

Great advice Lu"stay independant!"
killah_k's picture

It was hard to hear...
kEDKFNAEOFO's picture

he said kenna not knaan
Gullit's picture

did he say knaan ? coz i hear B.o.B, pharrell etc.. did he say knaan ?
nIANja909's picture

Yeh, I agree it was a weak interview as well lol.
The Company Man's picture

This was a pretty weak interview. This has been a weird year for Lu. Multiple album title changes. Potential label issues. Atlantic not pushing Shining Down despite the 40k+ itunes sales the first week. His re-entry into The Underground by leaking numerous tracks and one of the year's dopest mixtapes, ENEMY OF THE STATE, due to his exclusion from MTVs hottest rapper list. A fresh leak off LASERS thats Lu's taking legal action against....All of this has gone on within the past year and LaProphecy asks about guest appearances, Top 5 Dead or alive (while failing to limit it to RAP), and advice for up and comers???? How generic can you get? Classic cookie cutter interview. No research necessary. Do better Do Better.
nIANja909's picture

At least you were on point about The Labels. Independent = Music Major = Money You just have to go into it with your priorities straight, and realize you're gonna take a loss either way you go. You're either gonna have to give up a bit of artistic integrity and control in order to make a profit and reach a larger audience, or you're going to have to grind out the loss of profit in order to put out the music you want and market the best you can and hope people pick up on it.
Eagleztothegrave's picture

Thanks for he music lupe, your music is a great inspiration and teaching tool to and for me and its much appreciated. Keep doing wht you do and can't wait for the dropof lasers =D
KandiPeachy's picture

You're Welcome Lu!!!! True that at the end, uplifiting and all of that. Can't make it throughout the day without listening to all ur albums and mixtapes! RIP Stack Bundles FNF ^
KidCastro's picture

good interview. cant wait for the album join my lasers site on facebook to promote lupe's album thanks
hanaaB's picture

"stay independendent".....wise need to be tied down to the majors. I'm definately expecting lupe's finest and most explicit content on lasers.
DtheArtist's picture

Lupe is a genius & is so articulate & intellectual. I can't wait for albums to release & I completely agree w/ AHOLIDAYLIKEBILLIE
DENIM.MOUZON's picture

That was a serious top 5 dead or alive... I feel like he really speaks from his heart about industry matters. Like a lot of artists are too careful about stepping on the toes of their label execs and what not. It's like "yo you're something like a leech my man... Stay away from my art please because ultimately you are the type of people that I am battling here..."
hayzeus_christ's picture

RIP STACK BUNDLE$ * good interview homie .shame some dont realize we lost a beautiful MC.
CRIME HEAT's picture

Lupe is tight, he need to be on some CRIME HEAT haha, I'm down fa dat
samdizzle's picture

real talk..
escapism's picture

Always rootin for ya, Lupe!
aka_loso's picture

Enjoy, I did. Three post-Lasers albums?! Yesssssssssssssss!!!

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