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DJ Khaled ft. Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Rick Ross & T-Pain - All I Do Is Win

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  • DJ Khaled ft. Snoop Dogg, Ludacris, Rick Ross & T-Pain - All I Do Is Win
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    March 02, 2010

    Win. New album "Victory" in stores today.

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on March 02, 2010

Win. New album "Victory" in stores today.


Aldridge517's picture

Who the best? DJ Khaled: WE NIGGAH WEEEEEEE!!!
Lupe Fiasco Rawks's picture

DJ Khaled's songs are a crime against music
AlectricGirl's picture

agreed wtf does DJ khaled do. LOL does anyone know? And ludacris always brings it. this song sucks though. lol
Lm_wfc's picture

1) what does dj khaled actually do? he doesnt produce, and deosnt rap or sing, he's basically just pointless. 2) t-pain doesnt need to share his eectile problems with us
gritsneggs's picture

T-Pain & Luda- Thurr She Blows:
ExposingTheWicked's picture

becouse it's IGNO andif I had to choose something good i his songs, it be tpain robotic agenda voice-.-
De's picture

this is hot luda mudered all of them real tlk!!!!!
Da Real Deal's picture

iWriteFire's picture

really tho?? I'm surprised people don't like this cranks! luda kills as usual. Not really a Rick Ross fan but oh well. I like it...def would love to hear Lupe on this joint tho!
ExposingTheWicked's picture

seriously wtf is this doing on a lupe site? WTF busy u suck big time
Jovan's picture

Junk, Luda killed it thou
bigmarv's picture

Ok... so yall still on that ego mess.
CheckPlz's picture

Gl1tch's picture

Lupe better be using the beats of the songs he's posting on a mixtape or something just to show he can do better.
Lukorz's picture

Holy tits, this is catchy.
mikecostantini's picture

wow not one person has a good verse on this song
jdnguyen's picture

mgd23420's picture

Luda rips this track......
chican06's picture

EW.. wow I can't believe they call this music >.>..
Geefunkalicious's picture

DeMo's picture

no, its a

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