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Consequence ft. Asher Roth - ‘Childish Games’ [Music Video]

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Busy's picture
on April 06, 2010

Dope. What you think?


Mr. Feelgood's picture

hot track and dope video
the coolest laser's picture

Da kid Consequence got better since him camron and kanye did that kanye song "Gone".Thats a nice song my man Asher did his thing to real hip hop greats,love it!!
Crystal_3's picture

This song is great, the real hip-hop that I truly love. Consequence did his thing and Asher Roth too, proving everyone who thinks he doesn't have talent wrong. Lyrical wordplay is amazing. Will be playing this for the rest of the day...
simplydagreatest1's picture

yeahhhh my nig consequence is back! his mixtape goes in. finally real hip hop man this is lyrical crack.
Jovan's picture

i've been listening to this track for weeks after movies on demand came out, didnt even know there was a music video out. Dope Dope track and biggie sample is so fitting too
lil weapon's picture

that def brought me back to the freestyle days
Sequoia's picture

So replayed this song about seven times already. I love their lyrical word play. PHEW..such a relief to see a resurgence of poetic hip hop. Seeing more and more people convert to the real. I'm just grateful you all exist and are putting out stuff. My brain is actually stimulated and thinking when listening to music *shock*.
KayJay's picture

This song go hard as hell.....Real Hip-hop
Y.C.'s picture

This song is is dope ... I hope we hear more of this true rap this year. Asher Roth is a member of the new generation of Hip-Hop. Bring it back, it is somewhere there outside FNF
Bombshellx's picture

Wow, man finally did it. I remember him from his Def Jam days !
ExposingTheWicked's picture

I think you allways post shit songs ;)
HoneyLoveCo's picture

This song is fire.. lyrics are real and I love the musical chair reference! Asher Roth is coming out Real Grown for a Young Bol lol and Consequence is always Conscious! [LoveYall]

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