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Lupe WebCrew's picture
on January 09, 2012



angel jones's picture

Finally someone who goes against the grain by telling the truth about life's issues about dysfunctional families,etc,Lamborghini Angels really hit home for me,thanks Lu,you make hip hop worth listening to,much love.
KyleHouseholder's picture

This is great news! I was waiting for LupE.N.D. As well but this should be good. As long as it isn't that Lasers crap, sad to say I that is the only album I dislike but understandable given Lupe didn't want it released like that. American Terrorist II would be great!!
gotchicks97's picture

What happened to LupE.N.D? I wanna hear Gotta Eat 2!!
Kick_Push's picture

I've known about F&L2 for a while but, i'm hyped for the Pharrell collaboration.. i'm thinking a summer release of F&L2 and maybe around a November time release of the collab album.. but hell, who knows? If one things for sure it's that Lupe likes to surprise us!
KingZ305's picture

Yeah, yeah. That's nice dear. I've got a better collab 4 ya. Lupe Fiasco, Pharell Williams, Asher Roth, Kanye West, J. Cole, Eminem, Nas, Common, and Jay-Z = Food & Liquor 3: The Ink of a Scholar. BOOM! Drops Jan 15, 2013. My life would b SOOO complete!!! Let's start a petition or something... :D
SecondCitySaint's picture

I hope the style is the same as Food & Liquor/The Cool rather than Lasers. Regardless, Im excited!
Eric Pritchet's picture

its goin to be the dopest album ever food and liquor 2 i'm buying 2 copies
Abe_2's picture

He posted this on my birthday, it was a nice present. Hopefully we don't have to wait a couple of years for his albums, because I'm in need of some new Lupe Fiasco music asap.
ZLouieV's picture

Dont wanna be the buzzkiller but when exactly is soon?? I mean the news is EPIC to say the least but last time we got to wait for about 3 years or so for the last album bcause of the label. Now that LASERS is commercially success my guess is we'll see FnL II the end of 2012... but I sure hope I'm wrong and he drops it like late May
micoolAngel's picture

when ma man, keep up the awesome work Wasalu 2. oh yea people check out my blog @
ballinchuck_2's picture

Iggy's picture

who knows the date of the release??
Myles AKA L.A.S.E.R. Not Loser's picture

Nice! I'm ready for I'm; right along with American Terrorist II.
Iggy's picture

double burger with cheese
Iggy's picture

heck yea food and liqur two 1 was the bomb, kill this album lupe
arabmoney002's picture

Lupe and Pharrell album coming, but what about Kanye? :/ CRS is DEAD. :(
R.V's picture

cant wait for dat album... sumthin we been waitin for
Chahtawoman's picture

GRT news btw I really like the collab with Trae
Buddafly89's picture

CAN'T WAIT! hope u continue to write meaningful songs, like "words I never said", "American terrorist" and "Muhammed walks"!
hatti's picture

I GOTCHA!!! Can't wait to hear this!!!! All the other artists can stand back....
LesDoodis's picture

Sweeet! Can't wait~! You're taking up all my gbs haha
MishaXone's picture

Yes!!! I LOVE LUPE!!!!
G-ron's picture

i can't wait =)...A Lupe/Nas collab would be amazing
LUPE G.O.A.T's picture

finally real music
ballordie01's picture

This is breaking news? Give me release dates of F&L2 not that COMING SOON aka LASERS SITUATION.
Jdrizzle's picture

F&L II will be what albums should be AMAZING!!! Also, can the Chess Club members get in on a song again? Also, Immortal Technique and Lowkey on one song would really be great. FNF all day and Political Rap all night.
xfactor's picture

Haha who needs Kanye anyways
Sexyy Ginger's picture

is this coming to itunes?
nickdilts116's picture

wait so is f&l2 the pharrell and lupe album or is lupe having 2 albums this year?
rushdj's picture

Yo feature Method Man on that... would be sick as hell! He gave you a shout out at the Congress Theater last night!


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