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B.o.B - Tim Westwood Freestyle [Video]

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Busy's picture
on April 01, 2010


Ashimaribozu's picture

His album drops the same day the tour comes through Dallas, I wonder if he will have an album release party down here...
Brannu's picture

Bobby Ray aka B.o.B. is Silly
gritsneggs's picture

B.o.B- "WhO iS B.o.B?!"
chozn989's picture

y did he start beatboxing as a part of his 'freestlye' o_0
simplydagreatest1's picture

im sorry but i dont get why people like B.o.B so much. His lyrical content is subpar.
Moonwalk Eternal's picture

No he isnt even looking at the paper, its unrelated i doubt its even his haha
alx83's picture

I doubt he wrote all that on that paper man. B.o.B and Lupe are the two best in the game right now, hands down. And he ripped that beat into pieces.
Lm_wfc's picture ethered
Jeremiah D's picture

lol i saw him lookin at that paper ps he looks like jazz from the fresh prince of bell air xD
Y.C.'s picture

Haha OK Bobby, we know your name now :D
spiffykidd's picture

Was he reading it from that piece of paper he tried to hide halfway through?

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