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Bill O'Reilly Interviews Lupe Fiasco [Video]

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  • Bill O'Reilly Interviews Lupe Fiasco [Video]
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    June 21, 2011

    Here's the now famous interview with Bill and Fiasco. Enjoy! #wordsineversaid

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on June 21, 2011

Here's the now famous interview with Bill and Fiasco. Enjoy! #wordsineversaid


JayJewels's picture

I don't even know why Lupe would go on the show. Bill O'Reilly never lets anyone speak. I wish he let Lupe explain himself...
Mistezak's picture

Notice how they couldn't talk to Lupe LIVE, instead had to show an edited version. What a load of bullshit man! I am not going to, and no one else should, build any form of opinion on that particular conversation until they decide to show the whole unedited version (which will be never). Until then, will make sure I'll keep promoting the song "words I never said" and every other conscious rapper with substance in their messages. Maybe might see them on MTV one day…. like 50 cent or Rihanna….. ahahahaha…. joke over ? Oh and by the way, the president is a terrorist. Terrorism = the use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims = people scared of an illusion (violence and intimidation) so then allows their and others human rights to be reduced (one of the MANY political aims in this crap) in order to ‘control the threat’. Do you even know how many of your human rights the government have changed and opted out of since the war? Wake up remaining dumb people, research truth, stop being sheep and build your own opinions from non bias stimulus. Before you won’t even be able to wipe your ass in peace, scared a “terrorist” is hiding in the toilet and shit. If not, good luck explaining to your children the role you played in ‘the war on terrorism’ when all the genocides and slaughters of innocent people in Iraq, Iran and Afghanistan come to light…. ‘I didn’t know it was happening son’…. Just like Vietnam. PEACE!
LesDoodis's picture

wish he let you speak more Lupp... cutting you off in mid-sentence, not cool.
maclikescheeze's picture

First off, to all the people that disagree about the president being a terrorist make sure you know what the definition of terrorism is: The use of violence and intimidation in the pursuit of political aims. I have to agree with Lupe that the president and the American Government are certainly guilty of terrorism. Secondly, the reason Lupe (and most normal Americans) says we went to Afghanistan to find Bin Laden is because that is what the American people were fed by the politicians and media. The only reason people supported going to Afghanistan was for that reason alone, not to fight a war in an area that has never had an invading country "win." If we want to fight terrorism, then why do we keep trying to force democracy in places that we easily become corrupt in the coming years. Lastly, I think you should take back your statement that all presidents in the future will terrorists as well. I have hopes of becoming president in the future by finding support from the people rather than a single entity (such as political parties). Despite that things look very bad for the country and most of the people, there are still people out there with aspirations of creating a country not fueled by lies, war, exploitation, corruption and terrorism. I am sure that more people support peace than one might expect. I applaud you for speaking out against the evil political machine. Whether people support your views or not, at least it raises questions that all Americans should be asking. The mass media can't control minds forever, keep breaking it down. Love always shines everytime, remember 2 smile! Peace, Mac
tennant904's picture

You got some balls man, i'll give you that. I admire you for not being ashamed to speak your mind freely, rather people agree with it or not, it takes courage, and you sure got alot of it.
FNFFiasco's picture

I liked what the debate could have been. Lupe had some outstanding points that could have been displayed if they given him a chance. For the fact that foreign policy is documentation where the government neglects its true purpose for illegal invasion on other nations we are terrorist. Its within the nations interest to engage in this war over various reasons hidden behind a fallacious agenda. Yes it has happen years before Pres.Obama and it will continue but only in matters of a business prospect not on the protection of terrorism. Its inevitable to say we will end terrorism. Why because there will always be good and evil., however love shall prevail over hate. For we are Lasers! Voice of the people.
CDM's picture

Lupe for President!
cjames's picture

We don't have to worry about white people bringing us down, we have more than enough self hatred to take care of that ourselves. Crabs in a barrel. So Lupe, what have you done to help protect our Country? Would you be willing to call our Military personnel terrorists to their faces? Lupe, As a fan I am so disappointed in you, and the fact that you have me agreeing with Bill O'Reilly! What you are saying is very misleading. And calling our President a Terrorist? You are worse than the Tea Party racists. You have to understand that there are young people listening to what you say that do not have the knowledge to know what you are saying is total Bull Sh*t. First off, the U.S. always knew that Bin Laden was NOT in Afghanistan, but in Pakistan. The reason troops were sent into Afghanistan had nothing to do with capturing Bin Laden, but everything to do with crippling Al Qaeda and the Al Qaeda run Government. For example, say you want to disband and capture the leader of the Gangster Disciples, but you know he is on the run somewhere in California. You are still going to the Southside of Chicago, because you know that is where main operations are being conducted. Lupe, I think you are smarter than what you showed in that interview. Take a minute and think about what the Fu*k you are saying and I believe you will realize it is without merit and very irresponsible. Looking forward to becoming a fan again. Maybe not... Signed, A grown man educated enough to not believe the B.S. you are saying...
tcreadman's picture

Thank you Lupe for refusing to be fed US propaganda. Bill O'Reilly is a sad excuse for a human, I am thoroughly irate that he has the means to televise is idiotic opinions.
lylesallen's picture

bill oreilly is a sad fascist who only wanted lupe on that show to try his words seem less then pure greatness i hate shows like this because he asks set questions and gives the defending party no chance to really express wat there trying to say which is bullshit...the whole purpose was to but lupe n the hot seat and try in undermin his power of a leader of the people and when i mean leader i really mean true president of the african community Lupe Fiasco
Richard Crawford's picture

But maybe Bill O'Reilly was playing Devil's advocate for all that we know.
Richard Crawford's picture

Thank you Lupe. The younger generation is not being influenced in a bad way. We simply question things that have never been questioned before
Nerraw's picture

Thank you for going on that show and fighting against the rhetoric, the excuse to use terror on terror. It hilarious when FOX News accuses anyone of spreading lies to the American public.
music8mariha's picture

beautifullazersproceed's picture

Is Bill O'Reilly a cross examiner or a journalist? he can be the first one, but i don't think he can be a journalist to work in the Fox hole. hahahaah i had to stop the vid and laugh at bill o'Reilly's lack of knowledge about Lu when he said "what you just said is fallacious. that means it's wrong" hahahahahah the least you should find out researching Lu for an interview is that he is a word smith. this goes to show the very condescending mentality Bill O'Reilly had when approaching this interview. the prescription glasses killed me too btw. I love you Lu
Czr's picture

True that LaLa-Rich, they forgot to say ne thing about how our own U.S. troops have also been down there because they took over the heroin trade and are growing and shippin H back to the United States Of America. U don't have to believe me, I have proof and Geraldo Rivera was the reporter who broke the story Look it up for yourself ;-)
Czr's picture

Remember that this whole agenda our gov is pushing is not a left or right issue. THEY R PLAYING GD COP BAD COP ON US WITH THESE TWO PARTIES! They have been killing our economy with the federal reserve, and with-out Clinton lifting the Glass Steagle Act these banks never would'v been able to start robbing our future generations and forcing us all into unpayable debt. That's just one of the many things that is killing our country. Go to youngsters...thats where the truth is that will help you all understand it
Lala-Rich's picture

And Bill O'reilly wtf he mean that we are use to hearing "irresponsible segments from rappers?" And he contardicted himself when they were talking about the reason for being in he weak..
Czr's picture

Fk O'reilly, he never lets anyone prove their point. We are all proud of you for speaking out Lupe. Alb. New Mex showin mad luv for you speaking the truth. Especially in a time where all these other CIA rappers, and ex-cops are all only talkin about makin it rain, or clubs n blowin $ on strippers, or actin like a big drug dealer when we all know they never sold D in their livez. But the point is we love you for spittin truth n bringin the real, and your doin it @ such a young age speaks volumes for the person you are. Keep hittin em Lupe don't let words I never said be a one-political song, give us more!
Lala-Rich's picture

lol Im a huge lupe fiasco fan but I've had negative thoughts about our government and the war long b4 i heard him say anything about it. We have been told lies about the real reason for our being overseas. Who can we believe? I think that Lupe is right about politics being simple and that there is no reason we should be there. The USA is a big terrorist I've been saying this b4 9/11 happened and we are a bunch of bullies. The whole thing about Bin Laden being killed I think its, first of all, a cover up for what they are really doing and second.i dislike how us a ppl reacted to his death. We should never celebrate the death of anybody, idc how bad they are. That makes us just as bad as them. They celebrated when they killed ppl in 9/11 b/c they thought they were doing the rite thing. We should celebrate the success. I disagree with us being over there all together anyway.
bnewton149's picture

I actually kinda agree with what you're saying, Lupe, although I think a little more of the blame should go to Bush. The war in Afghanistan caused the death of nearly 9000 civilians... where as the attacks on 9/11 caused 3000 deaths and thats not to mention the 900000 civilian death toll in Iraq. And all just to get one guy. Civilians are civilians; people are people, The war on terror is perhaps one of the worst retaliations in the history of man.
Muziq Connoisseur Dame Diezil's picture

I love the i-view with Rus Sim in which you both spoke on this i-view; Bill doesn't have enough open minded watchers for you my brotha. Go Play Hardball With Chris Matthews. I wear prescription shade too, Wasa; Don't let people throw red herrings. F.N.F. ^
Taospark's picture

54% of you were happy with the exposition on Weiner.
Alex Walsh's picture

hahaha just get PWNED! xD
kookabura3's picture

O'Reily was totally scared of you Lupe. He never gave you a chance you a chance to talk, let alone make a point. He continually just talked over you. And they chopped up the interview and edited out important portions of your argument. He knew you had a legitimate point so he just cut you off and never gave you a chance to make it. Don't Worry Lupe, you aren't lying to us kids, We know that


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