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Bill O'Reilly Interviews Lupe Fiasco [Video]

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  • Bill O'Reilly Interviews Lupe Fiasco [Video]
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    June 21, 2011

    Here's the now famous interview with Bill and Fiasco. Enjoy! #wordsineversaid

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on June 21, 2011

Here's the now famous interview with Bill and Fiasco. Enjoy! #wordsineversaid


TyShawn Stribling's picture

Plus if Obama is in another country, with usage of violence and threats to intimidate or coerce, especially for (the united states) political purposes. Also using the state of fear and submission, to get them to sub-due, is it or is it not Terrorism?! Because that is what they call a terrorist, regardless of where you are ad who you do it for. And that nigga Obama is not doing it for the people.
TyShawn Stribling's picture

Bill O'Reilly Shut The Fuck UP!!! Trying to protect these people, that fuck everything up. Your defending them, and sooner or later their gonna screw you over in the long run anyway. Simply, because your nobody, and even if you were somebody, what makes you think they care about you. When you eat the same poisoned foods, you breathe the same polluted air, and you drink the same dirty ass water regardless of the cycle.FUCKIN IDIOT!!!
leo1393's picture

i agree as well. i greatly appreciate what you do lupe fiasco. and your right we have to take action towards this and the people should have the right to speak and think what we want
cyclonethrill's picture

Lupe thanks for speaking your mind and the fact that you have a great number of listeners it freaking great! I totally agree that this "War on Terrorism" is a bunch of bullshit too and not because I am a fan but because I am peaceful as well. How much money does it cause to have war? And how much of it comes from tax payers. Obama is another puppet controlled by the FDIC and IMF meaning every single big bank in the world. Money runs our government believe it or not. They try to control people on fear. The fact that you got invited for an interview is only evidence that your movement is powerful and moving! Obama pledged on taking down greed on wall street during his campaign which is why i voted for him. But he has only supported their actions causing tax payers to pick up the tab on investment screw ups. Lupe's problem is not only that he's peaceful, is that he's a threat because of his great support from the people. It happens to every great speaker who speaks their mind and is able to wake people up into reality. Just take a look at America's history with great speakers black or white that promote non-violence, equality, and peace.
mike's picture

Fallacious does not mean, and is not synonymous with "wrong." It is a word used to describe a person's faulty logical reasoning i.e. "Your argument is fallacious". Ironically, a fallacious argument can still have the correct viewpoint. Example: Five and five make ten...I'm right because everyone else agrees with me. That is a fallacious argument. The fallacy is called "the bandwagon fallacy" or "argumentum ad populum." This logical argument is invalid because in short terms, just because everyone else agrees with you, you are not necessarily correct (everyone could be wrong). The 5+5=10 argument is indeed fallacious, however 5 plus 5 really does equal 10. Fallacious or not, it is true; it doesn't take a mathematician to know that. However, it does take a mathematician to come up with a valid logical argument. Anyway, fallacious means faulty logic. It does not mean the position in an argument you support is incorrect. Do some research before embarrassing yourself on your own show Mr. O'Reilly
Tom's picture

Lupe you are one hell of a speaker. Really makes me begin to think and I used to completely disagree with everything you said.
IL's picture

I understand Lupe's points, but there are two things that upset me about this interview. 1. the whole fallacious thing, it was rude and unnecessary for O'Reilly to stereotype his GUEST like that. Especially after constantly interrupting him 2. The word terrorist. Yes, he has a right to call Obama and every president before him one, and I completely agree. However, maybe I'm just uninformed, but I think the "youth of America", including myself, is not ready...quite yet to tag ourselves as such. Which says a lot about how deep nationalism is in our country. Terrorist is a word used to stereotype others, and it has impact. It bothered me, but I think it's a good thing that we have people who aren't afraid to show America it's bad sides. I guess I was just shocked. Overall, fantastic job. O'Reilly could probably learn a few things from Lupe.
JG_RT's picture

That was funny I always find it amusing that when trying to express a certain point of view that isn't the norm people try to instantly shoot you down....Lupe is a voice of the people or at least a voice of justice..and I wish more people saw issues of the world with a more open mind and an ability to possibly see that maybe the majority thought process is flawed.
nolen.ywf's picture

the government's responsibility is not to protect us. their responsibility is to protect our freedoms!
Rugged Hames's picture

Lupe is completely right and fuck the government fuck Illuminati they dont give a shit about us and along with lupe other artist are outlashing against them. people just dont pay close enough attention to what the government says and does we just trust them to much and let them do what ever the fuck they want. its about love! and we all need to start realizing that or were fucked.
rmunkarah's picture

o'reilly didn't give him a chance to prove his point, and think about it: how many other popular rappers can speak their opinion about politics like Lupe?
Aeous's picture

So sad that O'Reilly brings Lupe on his show to answer questions about statements he previously made and does not even let him explain his point of view. I understand exactly what Lupe is trying to say with the statement he made, and it is even more sad that someone who broadcasts political information every week will not acknowledge Lupe's truth; instead he tries to make Lupe look like a fool by trying to focus on only the tiny, and I do mean tiny, amount of negativity in his statement while ignoring the bigger picture which is the positivity of spreading knowledge. Remember that knowledge is power and ignorance is bliss, which do you think O'Reilly prefers?
Bazilon's picture

O'really was an idiot to begin with, but it looks as if old senility is catching up with him as well.
LAsErs_2's picture

Lol some people really have a hard time "listening" and enjoy making annoying faces when someone talks, unless terrible facial surgery gone wrong and they should probably fix there hearing problem ,ohh dear... other then that, O'whatever, is pretty much a'whatever. He talks but I guess he's extremely worried about "wrong messages to young adults", and hopes that we don't have a brain in our heads. I guess meeting Lupe got him very scared.. thinking about that makes me smile :) Luv ya lots LUPE!!!!
Nev909's picture

Whats the point of an interview if you only let the person half answer the questions you ask them? O'Reilly tries his best to make Lupe look like a fool by talking over the top of him so that Lupe ends up giving irrational arguments and starts shouting rather than debating or clearly explaining his thinking. Interviewers do this all the time to people that they invite onto their shows just to try and make them look stupid, especially when its via satellite so that they can easily 'control' the situation. Have a think about the only other times you see musicians (particularly rappers) on news programs. Generally they appear in handcuffs or are involved with some sort of bullshit scandal. I think its funny that this is the reason why Lupe is not as 'famous' as other rappers (Lil Wayne, etc) even though his talent and music far exceeds his peers. Hip Hop artists seem to be easily promoted based on the amount of time spent behind bars. I may be Australian but i think rap should be a lot to do with social commentary and people sharing their stories and views. This does not require cash, your assets (including hoes) and sexual positions to be the bulk of you lyrical content. Lupe knows he has a voice that can be heard and puts it towards bettering the world. I think Lupe's goal is to constantly put pressure on the government and spread that message among young people. We should not be daft as to the reasons why the government does what it does. Keep doing what you do Lupe cause you do it so well...
Irene's picture

just because the gov believes they"re doing the right thing doesnt make it so. And i think its funny how o"reilly says that lupe fiasco is sending out the wrong message to young adults. im sure he has heard his song "words i never said" but obviously he doesnt identify with it..WHY????...because he has a mind of his he trynna say that younger generations are incapable of thinking for themselves?..i wonder. one more is WAR sending out the RIGHT message to the WORLD?????....its okay to kill each other...its okay to go to another country (someone else home) and kill innocent ppl, destroy lives and dreams???..its okay to make other ppl feel how we felt when 911 happened?...i say it isnt. peace is just a dream...but "rappers" put it out there for us to know that we're not alone. i dont believe in politics because every politician hides behind a suit an tie...i love lupe fiasco because right or wrong he speaks his mind. i believe in that!
Quakerkid17's picture

I have the utmost respect and adoration for Lupe, but his commentary on Obama's foreign policy was a bit inflammatory. I understand the basis for such a label ("Obama is a terrorist"), but to word it in such a way was not the most intelligent decision, and proved to be a divisive statement even among Lupe fans. He should have made it clearer, initially, that the comment was in reference to the United States destruction of the Middle East. While I believe he defended himself adequately, the radical nature of his statements and the subsequent lack of justification for them led to him being categorized (by O'Reilly and his supporters at least) as another ill-informed and unintelligent rapper. IE. "What you just said is fallacious, that means it's wrong."
tennant904's picture

Obama is garbage, every president, every politician no matter what they are democratic, repub, liberal, black, white, red, brown, it dosen't fucking matter, they are all in it for the same reason, they are all liars, war whores. the only difference there is is that they each have a different way of selling you a lie. So when elections come in2012 what liar are you voting for?
wunfungi's picture

Great job articulating a well formed argument. For the record I do have Political Science degree and happen to agree with Lupe. Terrorism does not have one simple distinct definition. Attacking other countries because it is in your best interest, or as Mr. O'Reily put " because he thought it was the right thing to do", is still nothing more than terrorism. You could even make the argument that everyone does everything because they think it the right thing to do, even true terrorist. There is a bigger message to what Lupe is trying to present. I feel that generating a culture of fear in which we are not allowed to speak our thoughts for fear or persecution is the true idea that we are trying to avoid. There are countries that exist where people are not allowed to criticize the government especially in a public forum such as this. Overall, great job defining your message and staying to the topic of discussion.
FNFFiasco's picture

@cjames I can be honest I like the president, he is in a tough spot to make critical decisions based on the needs of the nation, on the acts of past presidents, and on the conduction of business. I am HAPPY we have him for a sense of politcal justice. I hate the burden that sits on his shoulder, however lupe stated the government as a whole is corrupt so its not just a finger pointing session at obama. Soon obama will be out the chair and he can relax knowing that the critisim and stress is no longer upon him. Like you said he is trying to do the Right thing. Orielly was stupid to back track on fallacious reasons of why we are still there. Good win lupe fiasco!
iamEPIC's picture

Lupe. (Clears throat) Wasalu, you have fallen to the dark side, and for doing such you will pay. You will pay.
RoachG79's picture

@FNF^Fiasco That was a great interview, Well Said! It could not have been said better
RoachG79's picture

Our Tropps are still in Iraq and they will be there for a long period of time! and the criticism comes from the past presidents, OBAMA is a great president, Personally i think they all get orders from someone else so who really runs the world
cjames's picture

@FNF^Fiasco You do realize that Obama pulled our troops out of Iraq, and is going to make an announcement that he is pulling troops from Afghanistan Right??? This man (Obama) has done almost everything the RIGHT way, yet he gets more criticism than any other president I can ever remember.
tennant904's picture

This shit is fucking awesome everything I would have said you said it, and i'm sure you would have shared more of the same thoughts if dickmouth didn't keep interupting you. Everything that supposedly started this war is done...... So why the fuck are we there, I have four buddies I grew up with in Iraq and Afganistan... I asked him "Who are the people that shoot at you the most?" He answered "Its actually IP" Do you think maybe it could be that they don't want our help and to leave them the fuck alone?
FNFFiasco's picture

Lupe address american terrorism since his first album food and liquor song titled America Terrorist hence bush was in office. He also stated presidents before obama where terrorist in that frame of definition. I admit it was direct and blunt. But why sugar coat. Most wars are admirable as patriotic retaliation, however we deprive nations of trying to govern themselves only to conduct our business interests. So after protecting our nations wifes and kids we act upon the resource or assets we have in that nation. Anyway obamas half black in a since his musliamic. In addition he said qouted in his lyrics israel don't tke his side because of their acts of terrorism. Now since bush had a legitament reason for being in iraq hussain and laden capture or annihilation. That's done and finished. So why are we still there? That's what lupe is addressing really. For me we are fighting rebels whom are defending their home land. We would do the same
cjames's picture

@JaToTheYz My eyes ARE open and I'm not liking what I see. Do I think all the wars we are engaged in are just? Hell No. I disagree with most of them, but I do believe we have to seek out those that want to harm innocent civilians and deal with them accordingly. My main thing is all the self hate, and my main gripe isn't about the war. I personally don't agree with war, my disappointment is that we have a black man in the White House doing the best he can to keep you safe and represent for us as black people, yet we do whatever we can to help these racist white people to bring him down including calling him the most disrespectful things we can like "Terrorist". Where was Lupe and the rest of these critics when Bush was in office blowing up everything in site? Talking sh*t to themselves. Subconsciously we see a black man in office and that imbedded self hate starts to come out. Crabs in a Barrel. "It's easy to criticize and say what YOU would do when you DON'T have the weight of a Nation depending on you." I love black people, but I hate Ni**as Chris Rock
KauHawaii's picture

couldn't make it through the interview as O'Reily and FOX News makes me sick. Lupe should go on Democracy Now!
JaToTheYz's picture

@CJAMES Yea and in a perfect world that would be wonderful but how quickly you forget that the United States have been doing this for years to other countries...but just because our country does it and calls our opposition "terrorist's" and "rebel's" we believe the terrorism our country commits is just. It's not, open your eyes.
cjames's picture

To everybody saying the President is a Terrorist because of violence and intimidation, you are idiots! How quick you forget about 9/11 how quick you forget about all the other instances of these groups trying to kill you, your kids, and your way of life. If a group of people come to your house and attack you and your children and say they will continue doing so until your family is wiped out, would you defend your family? Would you use violence if you had too? Of course you would, but according to many of you, this is considered "Terrorism". I call total Bull Sh*t! These people attacked us on our soil! Is this country and our president suppose to just sit back and take it? Hell no, somebody attacks you, then you go hit em in the mouth and let it be known that you aren't to be fu*ked with or else they will see you as weak and continue to attack you. Whether or not all the tactics are right, our President (your terrorist) is trying to protect you and your rights regardless of how ignorant they are.


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