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Angie Martinez Interviews Lupe [Video]

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on March 09, 2011

Lupe talks Lasers and more with Hot97's own Angie Martinez!


JCutie's picture

He's funny,;-)!
LASERS4LIFE's picture

If people love watching others epic fails and falls, I'm sorry Lupe, you have met none of those expectations of failing and falling. Your fans love you and are die-hard supporters (I know I am.) If everyone had the persona of you, and the love for people, the world would be a MUCH MUCH better place
sylentbob's picture

lol fuckin fuck motherfuck wow lupe u silly
Muziq Connoisseur Dame Diezil's picture

I__SawDay's picture

YES...I love the hair!!!! I guess me and you are going though some changes :) ! But yeah i can't wait to get this CD today...i have been patiently waiting long enough, and since i am at school and have no way to get off campus, i had to wait some extra days.....IM SO EXCITED.... :D
Demichri's picture

When is Lupe gonna have his own Holiday??? I bought 3 copies man, on iTunes, Amazon, and on this site (Got my shirt too, I should have bought the poster too). I can't believe Lasers is real! Good job man
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You are a lyrical genius..hands down
gusandox's picture

Lupe you have such a beautiful mind, as your fan I appreciate all the hard work you do. keep up the amazing music cuz we all love you and your work

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