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ALL CITY CHESS CLUB: Diggy- What They Been Waiting For

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  • ALL CITY CHESS CLUB: Diggy- What They Been Waiting For
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    May 14, 2010

    All City Chess Club is back at it again. What y'all think of the new Diggy video?

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on May 14, 2010

All City Chess Club is back at it again. What y'all think of the new Diggy video?


youngsoulja305's picture

talk 2 me n add m e on n im finna blow trust me!
youngsoulja305's picture

Young Soulja/King Solomon-Oh Lets Do It FreestyleYOUNG SOULJA © | MySpace Video
youngsoulja305's picture

Young Soulja/KIng Solomon- You A Jerk Freestyle YOUNG SOULJA © | MySpace Video
lox908's picture

Definitely has potential and he doesnt sound like lupe so much as his maneurisms are pretty much identical. Kids gonna be hot tho
Acirema_Live's picture

@OKIEANT true. but usually as a famous artist your suppose to already have that shit. you shouldn't be trying to catch up and be good.
Bro0ki3's picture

Diggy was kinda hot !
Okieant's picture

MYSOM u really need to sit and take shit for what it is and stop trying to compare it to something else. If you take away the performance and just listened, u can see kid has potential. Stays on topic and speaks honestly with his lyrics. I think he had a hard time flowin on this beat but he gave a real good effort. I was impressed with his mixtape and I think he just needs to match his lyrics with his performance. I think it was a little forced and he was trying to do too much. But I definitely wouldn't give up on this kid. He can make it if he does it the right way. Gettin mixed up with All City Chess Club will do wonders for him. Stay up Diggy and keep at it.
Maggie's picture

Wait....Diggy, Run's son???? For reall? wow...I mean, I could be wrong. Can't tell for sure. Anyway, nahhh....this is just middle of the road. Keep moving forward, though, diggs. :)
RoseMary's picture

MYSOM's picture

Pure crap... Kid's calling himself a prodigy... He obviously hasn't heard the shyt Shyheim was spittin' before his voice cracked...
JonVIctor's picture

Pop call justin bieber, i call me n' diggy!!!
ChaD_2's picture

honestly...I think this was good...the beat is different from most beats now-a-days...kidd got madd potential
Balto's picture

don't dig this shit..
Gl1tch's picture

De's picture

hats is hot lik really!!(i new that cutness had a talent!!) diggy keep doin ur thang boya!!!
dalawrence0518's picture

Hey Diggy do yur thing man I like it man.
KaVmAn's picture

Naw man! See, he is okay, but he sounds like Lupe too much. He even makes reference to "I'm Beaming" like three times. Idk try something more creation. I'm not hating, but right now you sound like a clone. Thats not good. Especially if you want a successful career.
Larissa's picture

LOVE IT ,talent is clear and there is sooo much potential
M.shelz's picture

wait now c i didnt even know he was already rich or i dont know who his dad is either, but yeah maybe thats what he want to do with his life..but u know even if your rich you have to show your kids what its like to struggle and not always get what you want, tho chances are he has had easier access to labels and whatnot. I mean im not really here to judge but hey like i said he cool..there are no accidents and no victims..he was just born blessed, on the contrary he should be tuaght what the real world is like then he can come back harder than this. thats my analogy.
M.shelz's picture

thats what im screamin" "what you hatin' for?" and i heard a "im beamin " up in there somewhere. he cool, young and havin fun.
bailz300's picture

even though he's young he has potential... more that some rappers out now but he does need to say more in his lyrics to prove that he is anything close to "what we've been waiting for"
Gyasi's picture

I see some lupe in his movements. The kid is pretty good. I wanna see how he develops.
Child Rebel's picture

nah...sorry kid its not that you look like you need to go somewhere and do your homework and be in bed by 8:15...but your flow does not exist and this song sounds like your ego trying to make a point..but fails terribly at delivery and content cause you use to many of the same words...and your flow is just dead your riding the beat tooo much..change it up some and dont be predictable, spontaneous and cleverly creative lyrical structure brought people like NAs, Mos Def, KRS One, Eminem and many more their legacy...these are lupe fans your presenting to, WE KNOW THIS SHIT.. you want to get big? go join young money or go solo as "Diggy" and use your riches and popularity to make you even more rich and popular..don't bring that crap here we wont take it
Sal Simmons's picture

Yo I see Diggy fam. He sure raps better and more artistic than the kids in the neighborhood are as of now. Keep it moving. Shots out to Mars for pointing me to his other video. You had me rolling girl.'s picture

he is like lupe in this, he is taking lupes look and gestures, i like becoming a rapper and all but dont be biting stuff from lupe
rhyjion's picture

wow.....this guy is not good, like at all, like i thought he had potential but dis track sucked, tr again next time.
Y.C.'s picture

It is always hard for a youth to become a succesfull rapper. Specially for Diggy ... because everyone knows his dad. But it is ok ... his flow is good, lyrics ... could be better. But it is hard to give him a note ... I need more from Diggy to say something. But it is still good ... ;) FNF UP
cmd's picture

I think......DIggy should maybe stick to just being rich. I'm just sayin tho......and that flo sounds AWFUL familiar....... [cmd]
Courtnei Lin's picture

diggy is a lil beast
deli dell's picture

i'm diggin this diggy!!! what u been waitin for??? lol


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