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3 Little Digs [Video]

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Busy's picture
on January 12, 2011

Thanks to 3 Little Digs/Tree Sound Studios, Atlanta | Mail & Groove whatup!


Naughty by Niemczyk's picture

@KING - not loaded at all. If you take a count of all the ridiculous Illuminati videos online, they all have a Christian spin. I mean honestly what do you know about the Illuminati? A secret cabal of individuals that runs the world, and you're at home on the net figuring it all out. Good luck with that. If you want to think the Bible is real and not an allegory, then keep fearing Armageddon, which shouldn't technically happen because good triumphs evil, no? @Jeremiah D - I know Lupe is big against this sort of hierarchy, but the hand sign he's throwing is something all the ones you fear/hate throw up as well. I just wanted a little clarification. If you want to know where my religious philosophies lie, check out Manly P. Hall's works. He understands the intersection of ancient, modern and mystic religious in relation to astrology.
King's picture

@Jeremiah D I feel you. His music is definitely anti-secret society, but I question his affiliations though. Jay and Ye have been parading it in our faces for years now.
Jeremiah D's picture

@shine Lupe is totaly anti illumanati he talks about it sometimes in songs and did like 1 7 min discussion on it. and said no NWO live on tv
Shine_2's picture

So why is Lupe throwing up Illuminati signs? Contemplating on whether or not I'll actually buy an album from a man whose sold his soul to the devil. . . Though this does bring a whole new concept to his other album The Cool.
King's picture

Why defile Christianity in the same inquiry of satanic gestures? Seems like a loaded question. The 'okay' symbol with the middle, ring, and pinkie finger curling upward represent 666, or the mark of the beast.
Jeremiah D's picture

so what do you believe in? im a Christian but i like hearing others views
Naughty by Niemczyk's picture

If a new rapper came along and started covering Biggie songs, you'd probably think he was a hack and would most likely prefer the original. That is Christianity. Google Mithras. All Christianity did was later employ Revelations/Apocalypse stuff to keep the small-minded people doing right. The earlier versions didn't have to do that because people didn't have to be guilted into being good people. On top of that, Christians have the audacity to claim that they're the only right ones, which is as easy as believing that Soulja Boy is a true gangster from the streets. If you keep history in context, you'll realize there's something much bigger than what you now know as "Christianity."
Jeremiah D's picture

i dont get it either... amd why cant you believe a Christian?
Naughty by Niemczyk's picture

Can anyone explain the sign Lupe's throwing in the thumbnail of this video? Lil Wayne did it recently too over his eyes. Some crazy videos I saw claim it's 666, but I have a hard time believing a Christian. Anything helps.
ShaolinMONKey's picture

revolutionary thinker..militant of love and truth..careful they may think you are an insurgent

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