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First off I wanna Thank you for Being that Dude that you are and Not conforming Family. You Give hope to the masses by not following not to mention the fact that you put knowledge in the rhymes. I for one appreciate what you do regardless of all the negative feedback you get from the wordly individuals out there. Being conscience comes at a price and I hope that you prosper in what you do in this lifetime. Take comfort in the fact that there are those out here that appreciate what you doing my man and hope that you do it for all times. The meanings and the message definitely motivate some of us to investigate and acrue knowledge big dude. Big ups for keeping it the way that its suppose to be Homie....Motivational. I also wanna say that I been up on your music every since you been connected with Demarko Castle. I remember that dude when he was in the hood Getting his weight up on the rhyme tip. We know alot of the same Katts and Came up in the same Side of town. I hated to see that the team seperated but thats how life go sometimes. Before i get outta here I wanna say if you ever get a moment and it aint inconvenient for you, Check me out dude. Peace. >>BobbyJ<<