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What's up! I'm Chris. Im a 19 year old full time student/stoner at Hudson Valley Community College in Troy, NY. Nice to meet you. I never listened to rap growing up, the in middle/high school i got into rap through some of my friends. I loved Nas, Styles Jada and Sheek, Eminem, Black Star, Gangstarr, Kanye, Wu Tang, etc. The first time i heard Lupe changed everything. I don't really have to explain it to you people, you know what i mean. After that everyone seemed (and is still) whack as fuck. That reason, and the ever growing population of awful commercial rappers (anyone on the radio) lead by my least favorite person in the universe, Lil Wayne, and the fact that some people were kinda of selling out (Em and Kanye) and some were just dropping off (LOX, Wu, Black Star), i gave up on the whole genre, except Lupe. Now all i listen to is good music. John Mayer, Brett Dennen, DMB, M Ward, Joe Purdy, MMJ, OAR, Bruce, shit that i can relate to, not popping champagne and clubbing. Ya Dig??
New York
Chris S
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