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Just a fan...Maybe a lil more, but I'm always looking to expand my horizon. Always looking to learn something new that pertains to me or my people. Lupe has always interested me since middle school. I've always learned something from his music. With his influence, and a couple of others, I may just figure out what I am to do with this blessing called life. I'm a living contradiction. Judge all you want, its your time and breath you'll waste, not mine. Southern Georgia, Military workin, simple lovin black boy. Peace and much love yall.
Tifton and BHR
GA and US Navy
Listening to music, Making music (jus beats and play around with freestyles every once in a while, Watching Cartoon Network and Comedy Central, and Generally being Lazy lol
Favorite Bands: 
No Real bands just artist and Genres. Lupe, Odd future, Trap Muzik, Wiz Khalifa, Mac Miller, Lil Wayne, Translee, 2 Chainz, Big KRIT, Yung Thug, and others. Always looking for other artist to be a fan of with the right music. Im a contradiction. Not gonna lie too lol.
United States
Jarred Deon Calhoun