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Selam Alikum brother, I am so happy for you bro ;) from the bottom of my heart may Allah swt bless your and your family and closest.

send me your email(msn) if you have bro I will delete it after I receive it.

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Selam Alikum bro read from under please ! :)

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bro I used to know allmost all of them , but I'm not really into it anymore.

Brother Ali is a conver albino rapper, pretty nice songs he got ;)
Mos Def converted when he was 14? dunno if his deen is still tight but Allah knows best I dont wanna judge people

BG Knock Out converted in Jail he is oldskoool rapper like eazy e

Bizzy Bone said he was muslim

Also Rhymefest apearently is muslim as he said, but hes tight with rakim... so you never know.

DAVE CHAPELLE !! Oh I love that brother, his whole family converted !!! (ask me for the vid i will send it to you !!) hes an perfect example of not selling out ! he refused 50 MILL deal and to dress like woman!!

also muslim by name, EVE (Jihan jeffers,T pain(Faheem Najm) and chamillionaire, but cham doesnt practice and eve and tpain also dont, but Allah knows best.

I''ve heard reakwon is muslim and scarface 2 thats what napoleon said ;)

and becarefull ALOT of artist like nas use islamic refferences but are not muslims

'A lot of rules, some locked in solitude,
Curse the day of they birthy confused, who’s to be praised?
The mighty dollar, or almighty Allah.
- Nas from the song ‘Ghetto Prisoners (Album: I Am…)'

I will make a thread about this if you want, cuz they misguide alot of people from the truth !!

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To the human beings with taste, sight, touch, smell and sound
Let’s deem it profound!
And prioritize this cause it was Allah’s wish
“Allah? I’m God.”
“No I don’t believe that. That’s a mystery.”
“If God is so good why does shit be happening to me?”
There’s divinity within because we come from the divine
A force that’s not seen but you feel it every time.
- Q-Tip (with Common) from the song ‘The Remedy’ (Album: Get on the Bus soundtrack)

here qtip basicly says, he is not 5%er

God’s reppin’ with muslums keep Islam safe
What’s your fate yo?
What do you believe what do you know?
-Noreaga (N.O.R.E.) (with Capone) on the song ‘Live on Live Long’

these 2 are 5% they also wear crosses I've seen (atleast Nore)

capone I do not know, hes into drugs an all that not verry islamic lol

but then again Allah knows best

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and for the main question 'What are the rappers who are real Muslims'

well, I used to be into hiphop alot, I used to know alot of good muslim MC's

Alot of them left the game and retired as the hiphop is not really good guiding the youth.

I used to know alot of them, I can name a few

Stalley, the up coming rapper, I knew him when he was really indi, now I see him on all kinds of blogs, apearently he made it hahah ;) good for him.

Malik B from roots

'I'm usin new ways to try to reach these better days
Instead of tryin to take you under I just make you wonder
I still fast(blessed month of ramadan), make salaat(islamic prayer), and pay zakaat( islamic Charity)
I didn't make Haj (pilgrimage) yet, but that's my next project
Livin two lives, one of turn and one with true lies
Keepin a hoe, knowin these hands into my du'a'

Loon, of badboy records, he converted and quit music, he is a VERRY COOL BROTHER, chek it our on youtube his muslim name is Amir ! :)

I also heard Baraka Blue (heavy indipendent muslim brother also convert I think he does poetry and rap I think)


My heart in the faith I don’t practice,
I still pray along, forgive me for my actions,
Cause I still spit gangsta, think Muslim, act Kafir (disbilver),
I can’t go on this way.
- Beanie Sigel from ‘I can’t go on this way’ (Album: B. Coming)

So what you know about how God comes first
And everything we do is for Allah.
- Akon from the song ‘Sengal’ ( he too sings that woman are Sexy bitch -.- apearenty he cant find words without being disrespectfull )

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Wa Alikum Selam dear brother,

I know Lupe, yup Lupe is muslim Alhamdulillah
Ice Cube, No, but Allah knows best
Ghostface, well Allah knows best, he says he is, he is seen praying with muslim brothers in the mosque and so on, but in his clips he disrespects woman may ALlah swt forigve him
Q-Tip, As long as I know he is, but I cannot judge him as I'm not that much into him
tupac crew are real muslims, Subhan Allah yeah ! brother Mutah (napoleon) was the first one to convert, hes story was so touching !!!! inspirational and so moving !!

but most rappers who people say are muslim, are really 5% like Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, Busta RHymes etc.

f.e Malik (Malcolm X) used to be noi but he later became muslim,

Muhammed Ali (I love that brother, May Allah swt help him with his sturggle ) was also noi, but shortly after became real muslim Alhamdulillah! I will send you a bueatfifull picture I have of Muhammed Ali

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atleast he procalaimed himself, his father converted before he was born , so basicly lupe was muslim his whole life ;)

and Allah knows best

Allah Alim

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muslim ;)