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Samad SaVage
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Samad Yasin Abdus-Sabuur Thomas was born in Montclair, New Jersey on June 14th,1996. His Parents are Sherrette Thomas and Shakuur Sabuur. He is the 4th of 7 children on his Father's side and 1st of 2 children on his mother's side. Samad grew up in Montclair with his father rarely in his life, but his mother did a great job playing both parts, especially with the help of Samad's uncle, Sherron Thomas, his grandmother, Doretha Tomas, and his grandfather, Sherman Thomas. At 6 years old, Samad often played around on FL Studios (a program for producers and recording artist), and his family realized he had a thing for music. Samad decided to pick up the pen and paper and get serious with producing when he was 8 years young. He started because he was inspired by his older brother,Aziz Sabuur. Aziz helped Samad by keeping him motivated and teaching him musical tricks and tips. At 14, Samad was barely passing school, so he moved with his father in Pennsylvania to get his grades right, but still could not succeed. By the time he became 15 years old, he decided he was destined to be famous and recorded the song "You Should Know". Everyone liked it, but he wanted to push further until he gained enough fame for artist like Eminem and Jay-Z to recognize him and keep improving. He moved back to New Jersey and increased his grades. Right after Samad's 16th birthday, He created "Animal" and "No Sleep (Ball All Day)". These songs let loose his new style. Now Samad is recording new songs and getting ready For his first mixtape, "Clear Thoughts". He is also the Producer of ECB (East Coast Business). He constantly says "I am only going to get better and I will never fall off because I've seen it happen too many times."
New Jersey
Rap/Produce, I also produce every genre but country.
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Eminem, Lupe Fiasco, Kendrick Lamar and Jarren Benton
United States
Samad Yasin Abdus-Sabuur Thomas
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