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Saheim Al-Amin Muhammad


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Saheim Al-Amin Muhammad
About Me: 
I'm Muslim, and I love Lupe Fiasco knowledge, lyrics and the fact that i believe and know exactly what he's talking about because i'm constantly studying the three major books; The Injeel, The Taurat, and The Qu'ran, plus i read the other books like Jasher, Enoch, Abraham, Jubilee etc. Lupe is one of the only rappers who is Muslim and dropping songs like Muhammad walks with me. I mean there's Mos Def and a few others, but Lupe is my favorite. AlHumdiallah
New York
ALLAH first and for most, music, books, video games,
Favorite Bands: 
All City Chess Club, Japanese Cartoon, Cold Play
United States
Saheim Muhammad


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hello my name is angel i got your profile in
this site so i will like you to send me your emial
id to my emial box so that
i will send you my pictures thanks

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hey queen 2 im flattered by your request my email is, this is a social call I'm happily married with four children. AllahAKbar

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My name is jessica.,slim,tall,and a beautiful looking girl that like traveling and dancing.I saw your profile in this site and was moved to contact you,i want you to contact me through my private email address ( )so that i will send more of my pictures.

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hey jessiy thnx for the comment, i sent my email to you but this is a social call. I'm happily married with four children. AllahAKbar