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Risque Soul


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Risque Soul
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A black woman that is determined to get her message out to youth everywhere, whether its through my music or my voice on my radio show, I will do it and I can do it!!! Our world is filled with negativity and destruction and we have hardly no positive role models, I want to help our youth get on track, i want to motivate them, and encourage them to achieve their highest dreams. Although the world may tell you different you dont have to join a gang or end up on drugs or pregnant in high school, you can be whoever you want to be! Take it from, just two years I was begging for change just to eat but God is awesome, and He has guided through my trials and now all i want to do is help you! I love you all check me out and
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Risque Soul
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Hey :) I got a few mashups on my YouTube page that features Lupe on 'em if you're interested in listening. Hit up my page to get a my page. lol 'preciate it in advance. Take care :) FNF UP!!

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is singing i fell asleep and I had a dream it was all black everything!!!!!!!