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Hi.....My name is Raven.. Imma Fashion Merchandising/Marketing Major. Lupe Fiasco is one of my favorite rappers, because his lyrics are so dope, they have power, and true meaning (overall real). I attended his concert at 9:30 club in DC..and will be attending his upcoming concert at the end of april in NYC!!! I'm a very creative person, I like to design, sing, dance, write poetry, exercise. I'm a very healthy person for the most part, haven't had pork or beef for 3 years. I talk a lot. I love music, and anything in the art form. I believe we were created by sound. I like meeting new people, and learning new things. Some of my favorite Lupe songs are: Instrumental, Streets on Fire, Show goes on, Words I never said, and Real.
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Raven Brown
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I enjoyed Lupe's concert on Easter in NYC at Roseland was epic and live!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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Hey :) I got a few mashups on my YouTube page that features Lupe on 'em if you're interested in listening. Hit up my page to get a my page. lol 'preciate it in advance. Take care :) FNF UP!!

P.S. Streets on Fire, Show Goes On, Real, Words I Never Said, Beautiful Lasers, Sunshine (the live AOL sessions version) are favorites of mine too, just to name a few. Much respect to you and your overall being. :)

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Hey Raven, thanks for the comment. I can see you're pretty interesting yourself! Anyways- stay cool! Lata

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Hey Raven!! =]

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I saw Lupe yesterday at Sound Garden record store in Baltimore MD and got his autograph..took a lot of photos and gave him a book