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All Egyptian Musical Revolutionary. My Heart's Rarity,Disproves All Impossibilities VERSE 1------ My intellecutual is sectioned into many segments As precious as my rhyme is I keepem all anonomyous To Purify my essences Eliminate the rivalry Cause they hurtin me I givem all of everythin The love wit no condition N they stealin tryna rob me For that I givem props Cause I givem all Alot They thinkin that my kindness Will manipulate my weakness Then Ill give you all a warantee Ill guarantee ya flop Benefit of Doubts is only good for so long Ill validate improvements N Suddenly you clueless All ya do is pro long I wonda why ya blueprints StrucTURaL Analysis Is neva even close moderate No charges left in battery I question if u wan' it When I gave it you aint take it Juss evacuated scenary I don't trustem obviously Cause all they do is botha me so now I'm vibin wit Bobby Marley Cause his little is a lot of it Ay yo
Cairo, New York , Phoenix AZ
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